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Mobile ASPX - TechCrystals Code Package

Features and Benefits

Good Design is Good Business


  • 4 Optimized Views
  • Mobile
  • Tablet
  • Desktop
  • Theatre

  • Mobile formats (Mobile and Tablet) support zoom, snap back to full-size and pixel resize during device rotation
  • Desktop and theatre views are optimized for desktop
  • Theatre view expands or contracts to width of browser
  • (subject to page-level max-widths)
  • Allows full use of giant monitors/screens for spreadsheet or multi-column layouts

  • Automatic switch to the base Mobile view
  • (most compatible with older and smaller phones)
  • Mobile user can change views to get a wider view
  • (more data at a smaller pixel size)

  • Feature Notes
  • 4 views supported with the same xhtml and code-behind
  • Width breaks for views are set via soft-coding (Web.config)
  • Easy to define horizontal scrolling xhtml for some types of wide content
  • Compatible with existing responsive design layouts


  • Less testing and CSS for developer combined with generally more optimized results for user
  • One set of xhtml and code-behind
  • Flatter CSS
  • Often less brittle
  • Much easier to maintain/change in-house
  • User has more control of their personal preference

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See technical details – Mobile ASPX - Licensed Product Downloads

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