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from your business software

Integrators, Application Developers and Project Leaders at your service

Create a new gear for your company.  Leverage your ideas with our know-how.

Our focus is on applying knowledge, creating value and bringing software solutions to fruition.

We'll be flexible in our selection of resources and collaborate with your company's internal resources
as appropriate based on your organization's interests and priorities stated.  See more...

In addition to development resources and project personnel, companies throughout the US have relied on
our Financial Portrait Software Systemtm Version 4 for over 8 years.  Go to our FPS product site...

Are you an IT decision maker at your company?
If so, we invite you to leverage our expertise in standardized packages and custom software solutions by
calling us up and scheduling a conversation.  We can help you evaluate build-out scenarios.

We have expertise in permissions control, database admin and server virtualization in addition to
most of the well-established professional application development disciplines.   

IT technicians please indicate your interests or skill areas when signing up,
dynamic prioritization and filtering of technical content is coming soon!
Please see the TechCrystals and Presentations sections of this website.

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We believe that the speed, power and pervasiveness of today's internet technologies is creating new justifications for truly integrating custom web components with your existing enterprise level applications and database(s).


Software Development Expertise Areas... We build dynamic and flexible feature sets!

Considering whether to build or buy  your application software?
Our Services Project Philosophy  always yields success.
Do we have the Expertise Area  you are looking for?


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G/L and Management Reporting Executive Summary
Accounts Payable Highlights
Accounts Receivable Business Software Features
smartclient Highlights


Create XML, CSV or
Tab-Delimited .TXT Stream File *CMD for IBM i

download for a no-obligation trial
get a 7 day authorization code online
low yearly subscription pricing

Database Record Editor

with dynamic key path creation &
subset inquiry views

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Integrity, Integration and ROI
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