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G/L and Management Reporting Executive Summary

fps smartclient 10.7 Highlights

Accounts Payable Highlights

Products for Developers and Programming Staff

Mobile ASPX - Tegratecs Code Package™

Gain mobile, tablet & theatre views for your ASP.NET Web Forms environments in short order, without a big investment and without requiring responsive design rework.

Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™
New Modules for the more advanced developer
Please check out these  productivity-boosting options for developers already working with Db2 for i SQL PL, Embedded SQL or IBM i stored procedures of any kind.

Video - Find a Db2 for i SQL PL HardCoded Library Reference
Play Video - Scan for a hard-coded library reference using the Stored Procedure Test Harness (Db2 for i)
Get Running with the IBM Db2 for i .NET Provider
Pro Intro Module

Great for training or kicking the technology tires, this training module includes working c# source code for use within most any MS web forms project and most any version of Visual Studio, including Community Edition (the essentially free version).  

Gain real-time agile access to the latest IBM Db2 for i SQL and PL features from external Microsoft .NET Framework environments almost immediately! 

Uses the .dll from the IBM ACS Windows Application Package to interface Microsoft OO languages with the Db2 for i SQL engine on your IBM i...  Operates fully within the IBM i security and permissions model even in web site and web application projects... 

New with version 2.2 of the Pro Intro Module, we have included an equivalent source code path, so equivalent aspx.vb and aspx.cs source code files are included.  Also new with v2.2 are drag and drop instructions for creating OO dataset objects based on Db2 for i external data structures.  The OO dataset objects created can be referenced in most any OO .NET FW project of most any language, including 3rd party languages.

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