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  • Accounts Payable Highlights

  • Facilitates voucher transaction input via template, automated import or manual input with flexible formats
  • Reports cash requirements with integrated match status
  • Provides flexible criteria for ePayment and automated check processes
  • Tracks 1099 eligibility and groupings based on user-defined transaction categories.
  • Includes ACH and commercial card ePayment methods
  • Includes positive pay functions and format specifics for Harris Bank (BMO Bank), Wells Fargo, Fifth Third and Chase Banks
  • Supports open and closed voucher inquiry with drill down to transaction detail
  • Supports multiple bank accounts within a company
  • Supports multiple subledgers and liability control accounts
  • including cash disbursements for tax liability sub-ledgers
  • Synchronizes with General Ledger
  • Calculates payment terms and tracks disputes
  • Includes modern vendor contacts database

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