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Mobile ASPX - Tegratecs Code Package™

Fast Path to Mobile for in-house desktop-sized web apps and web sites

We offer a fast path strategy product for evolving your existing web sites to new user-friendly phone and tablet views, without requiring a responsive design rewrite (the conventional wisdom).  We think our product will enable your in-house staff to get you to mobile in likely the most concise way possible. 

Good Design is Good BusinessThe Mobile ASPX product provides for 4 optimized views – mobile, tablet, desktop and theatre, without adding a responsive framework or thousands of lines of new CSS3 and script, or by relying on CSS3 media queries. 

By standardizing to just 4 views, where each view uses the same base copy of XHTML5, our product allows you to eliminate duplicate specifications and to eliminate monkeying around with individual device specifics in the areas of device width, pixel scaling and user control. 

Similarly, there is no dev or design time spent optimizing to a certain phone size or tablet.  Testing scenarios become simpler because end results are more deterministic. 

For the desktop and theatre view UX, you can keep existing hover event functions, whereas hover events may have to be disabled or reworked in many responsive frameworks.  One more facet of our "theatre view" that should be mentioned here in the early going... Ultra-wide data lists, like those used in business analysis, are handled significantly better by Mobile ASPX and standard HTML5 than they will ever be again in most mobile frameworks.

Or run it yourself...
Example Mobile ASPX v2.1 Implementation with MS base project template Master Page - with  Visual Studio 2019 level NuGet packages including bootstrap 3.4.1...

Master Page Example 3 is simply Mobile ASPX applied to the stock Visual Studio project template (which has a responsive-via-bootstrap downdown menu in the top part of the master page).

Surprisingly, to many users, the Mobile ASPX alternative actually looks better and operates better in several of the views and also when resizing during desktop view. 

This example is meant to show that Mobile ASPX is compatible with the stock MS project template and likely also your existing hybrid works that are perhaps still on the slate for more revisions (in order to complete all mobile device compatibility)

We think our code package can help you deliver mobile formats on your custom web and intranet web forms - fast

Example Mobile ASPX v2.3 Implementation with 3 Master Pages - with Visual Studio 2022.5 level NuGet packages including bootstrap 5.2.3...  Two Mobile ASPX 4 view technique Master Page examples, one with a top left collapsed menu icon and the other, top right.  The third example is with the Visual Studio 2022.5 project template (so Site.Master works well with 5.2.3).  You will notice a little bit of quirky links, however these are intentional so that you can get to each of the examples without typing.

Example Mobile ASPX v2.1 Implementation with 3 Master Pages - with Visual Studio 2019 (bootstrap 3.4.1)...

Mobile ASPX - Purchase License

See our technical presentation offer – Revamping Your Web Pages for Mobile Without CSS3 Media Queries

CSS3 media queries used to be one of only a few ways to achieve a nice mobile UX (Show Details...)   

Ten or twelve years ago, CSS3 media queries used to be one of only a few ways to achieve a nice browser-based mobile UX.  But today, many years later, in a way, the CSS3 media query technique is still a bit like programming in RPG II (there really isn't a true ELSE logic block capability).  :-(  LOL

So working with some of these frameworks turns out to be a bit mind-numbing for most of the staff here at Tegratecs, at least when there isn't an integrated design tool / framework combination in play.

But for you, our customers, we have been going ahead and proving Mobile ASPX will work with the responsive framework that comes with the base Microsoft project template.  It is assumed that the base MS project template is still a starting point for many projects (or it is still used in many existing projects). 

However, it hasn't been fun.  For each bootstrap version, it seems we have to modify the Site.Master file and find a new set of CSS and property combinations that work with GridView.  For example, upgrading the Site.Master from 3.4.1 to 5.2.3 essentially required redoing our 4 view drop-down list from scratch (could not simply tweak the 3.4.1 version and have it work on 5.2.3).  And both versions of bootstrap made working with the GridView control properties in webforms pretty tough, i.e. it is much harder to get separate column heading and row CSS properties to stick with the many layers of bootstrap playing puppeteer with the html translation.  

So, in general, we're proud to say Mobile ASPX fits with our interests (and yours) in allowing you to avoid fixing, enhancing, or debugging large libraries of CSS and script. 

More product info (technical)  (Show Details...)   

Each project has well-organized documentation of the OO source code differences, highlighting net changes from before and after Mobile ASPX has been applied.  There are also detailed comparison examples of how incompatible HTML can be enhanced to work in all four views, to perhaps handle upwards of 80%, not including new client-side scripting or rewrites. 

When you just have to hard-code a difference between formats, it can be done.  Examples are included for how to do it in the code-behind.  On the Tegratecs site for example, on the drop-down navigation menu, we change the font size (and also the direction of expansion) at run time based on the view (using code-behind) in Project2 and Project3 (v1.1). 

The product also includes use of a soft-coded set of methods that increases the <ASP:Button> size and button fonts via a little bit of UI control container hierarchy traversal and recursion in the OO code-behind.

Remember you can now try out Mobile ASPX - Tegratecs Code Package via a subscription option, and no license agreement is required.  With the subscription agreement, the OO code-behind is provided in object form (not source code form).

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