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Creating a Master File Data Layer with SQL PL
(a technical report bundle available for purchase)

  • See and understand standard IBM SQL PL and stored procedure syntax that performs all of the DB access used within this data layer pattern example
  • See differences in syntax and creation steps for stored procedures using Db2 for i *LIBL
    (a run time *LIBL configuration usually enables identical code and file definitions to work within multiple environments,
    such as test, development and QA)
  •  Get SQL PL alternatives that support HLL commit, mult-user conconcurrency and user changes overlay preventation (even from web)
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Coming soon, a new appendix,
Whipping Up an RPGLE After Image Capture Trigger Program for Changes on Web

(a technical presentation created for POWERUp 2019 ANAHEIM conference and expo)

Chart on What We’ll Cover in the Presentation
(better than the TOC)
Topic Covering Notes Download
List of Stored Procedures Yes 8 in this example
PL Source Code Yes Yes
Parameters Yes  
IDE Compiling Just a little bit about Navigator
(CA 7.1 and ACS), RDi - Video
Consuming - Mode Usage Yes Easily implied
Consuming - Overlay Prevention Overview Sequence and Conditions of recommended method for preventing overlays - more advanced - involves commit boundaries
Plumbing and Connecting No  
Software Prerequisites Some  

This session won't get into too much detail when it comes to IDE(s) or plumbing (such as connecting to the database), primarily so our time can be devoted to the working SQL PL pattern example included and to see how it solve challenges that are applicable to most anyone creating stored procedures for use with user-initiated enterprise level master file maintenance. 

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Creating a Master File Data Layer with SQL PL
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Creating a Master File Data
Layer with SQL PL


This presentation will examine working examples of IBM SQL PL, for maintaining and inquiring upon a "master" file. The SQL PL statements will be segregated into a set of stored procedures, probably best described as a data layer (as opposed to a data tier in 3 tier architecture).

The examples seek to show how one might separate data access and update logic from the high level language program, and facilitate broader ease of use and consistency across the enterprise (interactive, batch, web). We'll hit inquiry, delete, add and update.

The update stored procedures include an optional one that does the equivalent of a RPG CHAIN or pessimistic lock, if you are able to (and want to) control commit/rollback boundaries from within the high level language program.  The examples also cover the steps required to do optimistic row locking (and prevent overlays) while allowing concurrent maintenance with other separate and distinct processes.

Learning Objectives:

  • See and understand standard Db2 for i SQL PL and stored procedure syntax that performs all of the DB access used within this data layer pattern example
  • See differences in syntax and create steps for stored procedures using *LIBL and system naming (probably not applicable to all programming environments)
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