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How to Video - Drag and Drop
from Db2 for i
to .NET OO DataSet

the Essence

This technical article features a video showing how to create a .NET OO c# DataSet object based on a Db2 for i Physical File or external data structure.  There is also a c# code example PDF showing use of database column names in compiled code.

There is also available for download, with website registration, Ch 8 Drag and Drop PF DS to OO DataSet from the Pro Into Module of our Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™ (at the bottom of this article).

Why are we here?

.NET OO DataSet right after drag and drop
  • We want to reference the database columns in the compiled code by name instead of by index

  • We want to enforce the data type rules specific to the column (and take advantage of them) at design time and compile time, instead of waiting until run time to find out about basic fundamental data handling mismatches or problems

  • We are interesting in being able to easily code creation of an XML string that is based on the data being maintained by the application program user (thus it contains only a subset of the rows and columns in the entire file)

  • To quickly transfer an existing Db2 for i database file or data structure definition into a OO data structure

  • We are interested in hearing about techniques used to facilitate optimistic record locking

  • The .NET OO DataSet object comes with quite a few routines right out of the box, making it easier to populate the data structure at run time

A Little More Background

Here are the prerequisites:

  • installation of the OLE DB Provider, from the IBM ACS Windows Application Package, onto your PC workstation (not required at runtime, so not required on Windows Server IIS for example)
  • Db2 for i OLE DB Provider install from IBM ACS WindowsAP
  • NET Framework (most any version) installed on your workstation
  • access to a Db2 for i database (most any OS level)
  • Visuals Studio (most any version including Community Edition)
  • Please note full installation details are covered in Ch 8 download PDF offered below  (website user check-in required)

  • Click on picture to stream video straight away with option to jump directly to any of the following topics!
  • 1) Intro
  • 2) Create new DataSet object
  • 3) Drag and Drop
  • 4) Remove Table Adapter and fill routine
  • 5) Rename DataSet
  • 6) Rremove columns outside user control
  • 7) Create Runtime Assembly
  • 8) Quick Run Through Chapter 8 Pictures
Click on picture to stream video...  The main part is 6:07 long.  Following that, if you want to get into further details, there is a relatively quick, somewhat rough  3:15 minute thumb through of the Chapter 8 pictures.  Download the Chapter 8 pictures for yourself below (website user check-in required).
c# code example download showing use of column names at design and compile time

Click on this picture to get free, no obligation PDF download right away containing an applicable portion of production c# code...  We first started using this technique with c# and DataSets created via drag and drop from MS SQL Server in 2011.

download (after registration)

(Chapter 8 (.zip file))

drag and drop PF DS to OO DataSet download

Download Chapter 8 .zip file from Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™

Please note this .zip download includes only picture files.  In addition to the drag and drop information, there are pictures with directions on how to install the IBM ACS Windows Application Package (IBM ACS WindowsAP) OLE DB Provider component onto the developer workstation.

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