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Get Real Time Updates and Max Concurrency with Db2 in Your Websites using OOP and the the .NET Framework
  • Managed Data Providers by IBM for Full Commit and Rollback using OO Programming
  • let go of older, less capable data providers
  • OO instantiation and .NET environment memory management (managed code) even in web sites and web apps
  • .dll(s) available
  • IBM.Data.DB2.iSeries.dll for IBM i OS
  • IBM.Data.DB2.dll for Linux, UNIX, and Windows OS

  • Use Equivalent Constructs as with Providers for MS SQL Server
  • Use Visual Studio drag & drop to create .NET dataset objects from Db2 for i database metadata
  • formulate transactions using c#, or most any OO .NET compatible language within Visual Studio IDE
  • use nearly identical programming constructs to call T-SQL stored procedures in SQL Server as with SQL PL with Db2 for i
  • span transaction boundaries across multiple stored procedure calls with commit and rollback when necessary (even within web site code-behind)
  • optimistic row locking
  • pessimistic row locking
  • more info on formulating advanced SQL transactions (using either Db2 for i or MS SQL Server)

  • Choose Between Set at a Time Access or Succinct Transaction Style (like with any advanced SQL feature set)
  • using either inline SQL or stored procedure calls
  • we have examples that populate GUI controls directly from Db2 for i such as with a grid and .DataBind()
  • we have techniques for translating fixed-length character data types to string data in the presentation layer
  • populate from Db2 for i to interim object results

  • Get Real Time Integration
  • saves time for focus on concurrency and granularity challenges
  • (instead of data proximity issues & ease of access)
  • decreases change beauracracy
  • avoids data duplication & islands of automation for operational applications

Db2 for i integration

IBM.Data.DB2.iSeries.dll illustration

DB2 for IBM i picture (for illustrative purposes only)

DB2 for IBM i picture (for illustrative purposes only)

  • Let us help you demystify this component
  • we can help you get started, create a project plan, train your resources or get down in the trenches
  • Getting the IBM.Data.DB2.iSeries.dll Up and Running web page
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