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fps smartclient 10.7 consists of a custom repository on top of a separately packaged smartclient solution from a market-leading vendor

In Financial Portrait, the smartclient functions mostly as a UI presentation layer. 

Please note there is absolutely no compromise of the integrity of IBM i UI with our configuration of the smartclient, nor is there a covering up of diagnostics.
fps smartclient 10.7 Highlights
  • Financial Portrait Software System™ features a full-featured smartclient
  • it has excellent compatibity with Windows® 10, Windows® 8, 7 and XP™
  • fps smartclient 10.7 provides a rich graphical user interface (GUI)
  • smooth transition from FP smartclient 8.0
  • a brand new custom repository build for v10
  • new release, February 2021, with v10.7.5, she's a beauty!
  • great interoperability with IBM® i servers - and the ability to communicate securely over any TCP/IP network
  • it's fast, even from remote with slow internet!
  • bundle pricing
  • includes complete install and setup instructions for the PC admin
  • easy install options for the custom repository, including an automated pull-down update method using standard Windows OS features (PC admin authorization is required of course)
  • smartclient licenses can be used and shared with your internal IBM i applications
  • You get a best of breed solution!
  • enhance, extend or customize if appropriate...  Customization by your internal IT staff is possible using Newlook Developer IDE:
  • to add new access of software services over the web (internet or intranet, internal API or vendor service)
  • to combine information from other source into the presentation layer by directly accessing local or remote databases

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