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Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™ (Pro Intro Module)

Get Running with the IBM Db2 for i .NET Provider

Get Running with the IBM Db2 for i .NET Provider

The Pro Intro Module for this Tegratecs Code Package is a fast-path tutorial and working web pages source code bundle for the business software developer wanting to target a Db2 for i database from an OO language, Microsoft .NET framework environment. 

There are also quite a few additional hands-on learning opportunities in this product, one example being for those unsure about which sets of frameworks to embrace in their overall development strategy.

There are two separate advanced modules that help boost productivity for developers already working with IBM SQL PL stored procedures (or planning to) or embedded SQL, regardless of programming language, so please click here for that...  

Within minutes, using just our  Pro Intro Module , your Db2 for i database and any version of the Visual Studio IDE (including the no cost Community Edition), you'll be prototyping all sorts of dynamic SQL within a zero-footprint web client (a web page that runs within most any standard browser without any add-on requirements).  And you'll have the capability to tap into the latest Db2 for i features on your IBM i Power System. 

For developers somewhat new to c# or Microsoft "web forms", you will be able to see and enjoy how results can be produced in a GridView using a minimal amount of c# in the "code-behind" the html (and xhtml in the case of the GridView).  We also have a version in the base package coming with the v2.2 release ( version to be included for download to those with earlier purchases at no extra charge).  OK, it's out the door! (October 19th, 2021)

There is a free license of the c# version being given to people who attend our Get Running with the Db2 for i .NET Provider session at POWERUp 2023 at 09:15 MDT April 27th, 2023.  Downloads of updates or new versions within v2% are included for 9 months with the free license using our new self-service online software delivery platform.  If you can't hit our session because you had to see Tim Rowe's session on The Magic of Rest APIs on IBM i, or one of the other 10 concurrent sessions running at that hour, we understand, please contact or page us at the conference for your USB drive with a pre-paid link to all of the goodies.  COMMON POWERUp 2023 attendees please feel free to reach out to us regarding our sessions!

For column headings, you get nice dynamic formatting, and you can pull from wherever and however in order to get your user-friendly column headings out from under the covers, such as by pulling from views, physical files, logical files or SQL column renaming syntax.  Incidentally, column duplicates created via dynamic joins without discreet column lists are resolved automatically in the GridView control (yea!).  This makes it a little challenging in Advanced 2 Module, but more on that later.  

The Pro Intro Module (formerly called the base package) also includes everything you need to know to get IBM's Db2 for i .NET Provider downloaded and installed and configured in a ASP.NET OO web forms project for your desktop with Visual Studio, even Community Edition, or for production in an IIS web server.  Although the example usages includes are done within web pages, the provider techniques can be used within other VS project models such as client-server, and presumably any model that uses the OO .NET Framework.

With your purchase of the Pro Intro Module, you'll receive all of the c# (and equivalent code-behind source that does the work behind the scenes to set up the SQL requests and that operates the web pages.  Along with all of the XHTML and CSS used for the web page UI...  

To test stored procedures and embedded SQL from a high level language interface without setup programming, please see Advanced 1 Module.  To get help with generating SQL PL stored procedures from SQL statements including those with joins, please see Advanced 2 Module

Bootstrap or Not - No Biggie
We are including a duplicate of the Dynamic Inline SQL to Results GridView web page, that has been modified to work within the responsive-bootstrap-master page strategy (included in the web forms web application project template).  We have done this because it might make sense for you to put out a responsive version for certain users...  See Chapter 7 picture below of the responsive page within the Pro Intro Module...  Another reason we offer it as a duplicate is to accomodate your current shop's strategy and to enable you to easily isolate the differences.  

Create Your Own C# or VB.NET Robust Base Web App Project

(Pro Intro - Chapter 6) Dynamic Inline SQL to Results Gridview (web page) 1st example - Shown here with simple SQL statement going against a View

Dynamic Inline SQL to Results GridView picture from Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package versions to be included in the Pro Intro Module very soon!  OK, it's in there! (October 19th, 2021)  Downloads access to the new chapters will be provided to those who have already purchased...  

Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™
(Pro Intro Module)
GR-TCP Pro Intro Module product contents

(Pro Intro - Chapter 5) Dynamic Inline SQL to Results Gridview (web page) - 2nd Example - Db2 for i metadata query showing a subset of files within the library list along with some system versus table naming differences... 

Dynamic Inline SQL to Results GridView listing a subset of file namnes but only within the library list

(Pro Intro - Chapter 6) Dynamic Inline SQL to Results Gridview (web page) - 3rd Example - Showing both SQL filtering and GridView filtering along with Db2 for i SQL timestamp formulation at run time from old style decimal date and time columns... 

Dynamic Inline SQL to Results GridView demonstrating 2 types of filtering and timestamp formulation (from decimal fields)

(Pro Intro - Chapter 7)  Dynamic Inline SQL to Results Gridview with responsive master page (responsive master page is included in stock MS project template) - Shown here with SQL that lists out the user libraries on the library list.

Dynamic Inline SQL to Results GridView with responsive master page demonstrating SQL to list out the user library list

Obviously much of the technique you use in working with the Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™ Pro Intro Module can be applied to your efforts in developing custom production software or ad-hoc queries for end users at your company.  It is also an excellent tool for prototyping data formats quickly for outside or contract developers using Microsoft OO languages and the .NET Framework 4.8.  For even more increased productivity angles for a variety of developer skill and experience levels, please see the advanced modules, available separately.  

Didn't find what you were looking for?  Please let us know. 

link to -> Get Running - Licensed Product Downloads (and occasionally a promo or two)

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