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Configuring Outbound Email Support with iSeries SMTP Server on OS/400 V5R2 for Use with SNDDST Command
(a technical report available at no charge with web check-in)


This technical report deals with setting up and configuring outbound email from your company's iSeries computer using it's SMTP server.  This allows email to be delivered from the iSeries server and it's interactive sessions.  This solution does not use the QSNADS subsystem, however some aspects of the configuration still rely upon "distribution services" aspects of OS/400 including the use of "directory entries".  Upon completion of this configuration, you will be able to send email, including attachments, to any location worldwide using the native OS/400 CL command "SNDDST".


We are offering this technical report free and without obligation for a limited time with registration to this website (, although we do consider it a copyrighted work.  Without registration, you can view and download the first fifth of this presentation for your own use (our Public Preview* policy).

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