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Tegratecs News and Events

Tegratecs News and Events

prototype access announced for our new Enterprise Expense Reporting web app!  (See Details...)   

March 1st, 2024 Announcement

pre-announcement of Enterprise Expense Reporting application...

Today we'd like to announce availability of a prototype version of our new Enterprise Expense Reporting web application.

The first release will be accessible from any modern desktop or mobile browser, so you won't need to install anything to take a peek. 

Enterprise-level requirements for v1 are (IBM's) Db2 for i as the database and (Microsoft's) IIS web server.  The IIS web server configuration needed is basically stock, right out of the box, with the exception of a requirement that the Db2 for i .NET Provider is installed. 

Please keep an eye out for the official announcement for our new Enterprise Expense Reporting licensed product.

But the prototype is Here!  It's ready!  and you can see it on by clicking on the trumpets picture and then going to sign in using the Demo Credentials...  Please contact us with your questions, we are interested in getting beta site customers and finding evaluators. 

Financial Portrait Software System™ is designed and built from the ground up to deliver the off-the-shelf flexibility and features you want without requiring behind-the-scenes customization or separation into islands of automation.  Now with a new presentation layer version (the fps smartclient 10.7) for General Ledger, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, please let us help you look at implementation challenges.

v2.3 of Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™ Pro Intro Module Released!  (See Details...)   

April 20th, 2023 Announcement

Version 2.3 of the Pro Intro Module came out of the oven today!  It's fully baked.  This new version works directly off Visual Studio 2022 v17.5 and the ASP.NET web application project template recently updated by Microsoft to use bootstrap v5.  Our new version of the Pro Intro Module contains streamlined directions that should prove to provide a clear path for setting up a programming environment and implementing the Pro Intro Inquiry (c# or, with or without bootstrap).  For IBM i shops with MS programmers as well, our product shows how to reduce and perhaps eliminate workfiles and data transformation delays between databases or environments.  Our product does not include the NuGet packages or the Db2 for i .NET Provider .dll itself, but it does include precise documentation on differences to make to your projects by file and file contents such as source code, in order to get prototyping with the Db2 for i .NET provider in short order.  The price remains at $11900 and includes 9 months of updates within the v2* level.  Be on the lookout for a public video showing how easy it is to set up your own base web forms project template using Visual Studio 2022 and the Db2 for i .NET Provider.

Tegratecs announces v2.3 of Mobile ASPX - Tegratecs Code Package™  (See Details...)   

Tuesday April 4th, 2023

In keeping with the benefits we have been promoting with our Mobile ASPX product, today we are coming out with v2.3, which includes integration examples with bootstrap v5 and Microsoft's latest base project template for web forms in Visual Studio 2022 IDE.  v2.3 is available immediately for purchase and download.  Existing customers on a maintenance plan will also get immediate and automated access to v2.3 downloads!

For MVC architecture proponents, it is noteworthy for us to mention that the key module of Mobile ASPX - Tegratecs Code Package™ might be considered as an MVC-style component, because the main part of the worker code is isolated into its own class (program) and its function is a common step in the overall HTML view bulding process.

We should be coming out with a v2.3 subscription version soon (runtime only, no c#, for key components).  We recommend getting the 1 month subscription for evaluating the product.

Mobile ASPX - Tegratecs Code Package™ offers a less disruptive path to mobile and ultra-wide formats for ASPX style web pages right out of the box without requiring bootstrap, media queries or additional frameworks.  However, for those companies already in progress with a mobile transformation project using media queries, we include, with the product, straight-forward integration examples yielding a hybrid approach. 

In our experience, we have found many times a building or enhancing style beats out a rip and replace.  It is easy for past accomplishments (and thus application features) to be mostly forgotten by upper management non-users until they no longer exist.  Certainly there is little justification for converting from a well-fuctioning web forms application that has a lot of server-side logic (because it needed it), just because of the need for mobile formats.  But mobile formats are needed to get the best SEO rankings and a reasonable UX for all devices, and wide formats sure are convenient for business analysis.

The clsTegratecsFourViewPageHandler.cs essentially does the work required to revise the HTML for use in any of the 4 optimized device formats it offers.  The second key facet of implementing the four-view technique without duplication of code or HTML (always a consideration for good development technique and strategy), is the OO building blocks of the ASP.NET framework and use of the ASP.NET master page object.

Tegratecs announces enhancements in its streaming video delivery  (See Details...)   
WMCPA iCon 2023 Spring Conference

Thursday March 9th, 2023

The Tegratecs OO Pattern Web Base™ already had the capability to deliver an .mp4 video presentation and to secure it based on several criteria.  But today, we are delighted to announce use of the Camtasia custom production format and mp4 player! 

Along with enhanced scaling in comparison to what we had before, we now support chapters and sub-topic outlines by name, with the ability to skip directly to any one of them!  It's super fast.

We think this will make for far more efficient viewing of technical topics.  Please let us know what you think via the Contact Us page.

Tegratecs will be attending POWERUp 2023 and will be doing 2 presentations  (See Details...)   
POWERUp 2023 conference logo by COMMON

The POWERUp 2023 conference runs from Monday April 24th through Thursday April 27th and will be in in Denver, CO this year.  All speakers will be there in person.  The COMMON organization has had the plans in the works for quite a while now and things are looking solid!  It should be great!  We hope to see you there!

On Tuesday morning at 8:00AM MDT April 25th, 2023, please come to see our presentation, Creating an Item Master File Data Layer with SQL PL Stored Procedures.  This session addresses those times when we need to facilitate a consistent method for real time reads and updates to Db2 for i database, for programs not running on IBM i, or from programming environments that don't offer RLA (record level access).  The session is limited in scope to focus just on a data layer for what many of us know as a master file, as opposed to something like OLTP.  POWERUp 2023 Tuesday Session Guide

see the Item Master web pages using the data layer featured in the presentation

On Thursday morning at 9:15AM MDT April 27th, 2023, a Tegratecs representative will be on hand to deliver our Get Running with the IBM Db2 for i .NET Provider presentation.  This won't be anything like your father's "Hello World" application.  Attend our session and learn about our Pro Intro Inquiry and how you can be prototyping Db2 for i data in a web page UI using a Microsoft OO language on your workstation in short order.  Source code will be offered to session attendees, which will include an anonymous download link good for future updates at the v2% level for up to 9 months using our self-service software delivery platform.  POWERUp 2023 Thursday Session Guide

POWERUp 2023 Home Page

Tegratecs signs up as a sponsor for the WMCPA 2023 Spring Conference  (See Details...)   

Tegratecs will be one of the sponsors at this year’s in-person iCon Spring Conference, running from March 14th to March 16th 2023 at Lake Lawn Resort. 

This event has always been a fun and interesting event to attend.  Perhaps the delicious hors d'oeuvres and hard drinks served before the Experts Roundtable event (Tuesday evening) will help to bring about a sprited debate again this year. 

The Lake Lawn Resort is a cozy spot up on the shores of Wisconsin's Lake Delavan, an excellent place to get away from the office and focus on learning.  

WMCPA 2023 Spring Conference Grid on Sched 

Register for WMCPA 2023 Spring Conference 

Lake Lawn Resort Conference Room Reservations 

WMCPA iCon 2023 Spring Conference

Tegratecs OO base web page class now includes PayPal purchase methods  (See Details...)  

Tegratecs’ PayPal purchase programming is now consolidated and standardized into its extended page class, a key component of its Tegratecs OO Pattern Web Base™ software product.  Component level pricing information coming soon, please stay tuned!

Announcing v2.2 of Mobile ASPX with subscription option!  (Read More...)   

April 6th, 2022 Announcement

Tegratecs is pumped to announce a subscription version of Mobile ASPX!   A corresponding new release of the full source code version came out today also.

Good Design is Good Business

Mobile ASPX is a software product that reformats desktop-sized web pages into phone, tablet and theatre views at run time via server-side code.

Version 2.2's new subscription option goes for $145 per month.  You still get near-immediate download capability (license keys are delivered right away via email).  The Codebase portions of the subscription version come in .dll form, and there isn't a requirement for a formal signed license agreement (as opposed to the full source version).  However, you still get license and download of 3 complete master page examples, including the c# code-behind.

Please read all about it and run our example implementations.


Fast Path to Mobile 

Subscription Offering - Implementation Example 1
(net differences to stock MS web app project template)
project component changes for master page strategy using right-side collapsed menu and Mobile ASPX 4 view technique without bootstrap (v2.2 project 8 Implementation Example 1)  

Now for some technical news...  New in Version 2.2 is the implementation of Mobile ASPX product settings as basically, the equivalent of app state properties.  We have eliminated the direct dependence upon web.config in the product's codebase, while still taking advantage of how web.config works as implemented by ASP.NET Framework (which are significant from a design standpoint).  New in Version 2.1 was the capability to have a single set of settings that contains specifics for all of the sites (where Mobile ASPX reformatting is in place). 

Announcing v2.1 of Mobile ASPX  (Read More...)   

March 21st, 2022 Announcement

Tegratecs Development Corp. is proud to announce release of a completely new version of it's Mobile ASPX code package!  Version 2.1 of Mobile ASPX is a source code product that reformats desktop-sized web pages into phone, tablet and theatre views at run time via server-side code.

Good Design is Good Business

Version 2.1 has new capabilities like new master page styles that allow for right or left side for the collapsed menu icon.  Another big improvement is probably reorganization of the code.  Almost all of the software routines in the product are housed in a single class (program component).  This makes it easier for you to install and maintain and easier for us to offer as an optional piece.  Similarly, the clsTegratecsFourViewPageHandler.cs module is written using OO syntax with no coupled dependencies on the view HTML. 

Version 2.1 is a source code product, as was Verson 1.1, so the logic may be applicable to more environments than the ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework) project style.  Mobile ASPX fits nicely as an optional component within our Tegratecs OO Pattern Web Base product that we hope to announce soon. 

The source code version of the product may be applicable to more environments than the ASP.NET Web Application (.NET Framework) project style, if for example, you were wanting to implement a similar strategy in PHP or JavaScript or as an MVC component. 

Please read all about it and run our example implementations.

This is another one of our code package offering that feature (near) immediate download of the product via email link and extended download time frames at no additional charge.  Convenient, flexible and secure online payment through PayPal...  Video examples forthcoming...

Fast Path to Mobile 

Feature and Benefits 



Tegratecs discontinues the TechCrystals term for product branding  (Read More...)   

January 31st, 2022 Announcement

Tegratecs Development Corp. has decided to retire the TechCrystals branding category from use in its software products.  The original use of the TechCrystals term will continue, which represents a style of technical articles on the web. 

Google Ads Verification promotes itself to International Constable?  (See Details...)   

We regret to report that Google Ads (reportably XXVI Holdings Inc.) has paused our account and all of the Tegratecs ads campaigns, because our representative would not upload a personal government photo ID.  In this case our representative is an employee and an officer of Tegratecs Development Corp., a C Corporation, and did upload a W-9 for the company as requested, but drew the line at uploading a personal government photo ID.  Nor did Tegratecs Development Corp. as a company want to ask or force any other employee to upload their personal government photo ID to satisfy this demand.

So unfortunately for our readers and interested prospects, it may now take additional time for you (without targeted advertising) to find the most targeted content on our site.  And we wanted to mention we had worked for and expected a better outcome, and were a bit shocked all in all.  

After months of postponement of promises deadlines to actually address the issue, interspersed with apologies and thanks for our patience, it appears that there is no provision for a common sense alternative to the automated auto-pilot upload process, which apparently reads, stores and verifies (over the course of several days) a person's personal photo ID before mysteriously marking it as accepted or rejected.  Similarly there appears to be no differentiation for personal government photo ID requirement for a registered C corporation in good standing at the state level in the United States versus an unregistered sole proprietorship. 

Once our account was paused, the interim result of the policy was a large number of email exchanges between our rep, and presumably, several people at Google Ads Identity Verification compartment.  Thus far, our rep reports that it has not been possible to locate an official data retention policy for a person's ID, once verified, from google or Google Ads (via email or a publicly disclosed policy or document), so it is unclear how long a person's government photo ID will be retained.  Our rep has received info via email from Identify Verification support for Google Ads stating the that the data retention period is up to 90 days, however no independent verification of this anywhere else in the world.  Similarly, the content of the links referenced directly within the Google Ads email replies do not match the factual facets (like there is no "90" text)  

So it appears we are left to conclude this government photo ID retention policy is only stated casually in their email replies, and we are encouraged to accept this as something different from other google units, and something legally binding if we want our ads to run.  Similarly, the email replies come from a generic google Ads email address and individuals who author the emails sign only with their first name and provide no title and the email replies do not contain our rep's half of the conversation.  We have to wonder if these specifics put into question whether there is an official policy on the subject of personal photo ID data retention, usage, handling and chain of custody and whether Google Ads has something separate from the rest of google. 

Yet somehow the Google Ads Identify Verification "policy" is able to be applied only to whomever Google Ads wishes to require of it, and can be used to stop campaigns midstream even if an existing account is being paid with payments made from company accounts with matching names and IDs and EINs.  Which sounds to us like our account has already been verified from an accounting and legal point of view, except perhaps in some category where there is a mandate without jurisdiction.  Oh shoot, we forgot to consider whether jurisdiction has been attained under that self-appointment to International Constable...

Harvest not, without jurisdiction, our personal private confidential information for any corporation business agreement, oh great constable!! 

Announcement of Subscription Option for our
SQL & PL Test Harness (Db2 for i ) Product!
(Read More...)   

October 20th, 2021 Announcement

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen! [trumpets]   We now have a subscription option for one of our advanced developer products!  The Advanced 1 Module of our Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™ is now available for only $45 for a 30 day subscription. 

Use this option to try out a full featured version of our product and immediately enable independent environment testing and prototyping of Db2 for i embedded SQL and stored procedures that reside on one of your IBM i on Power servers. 

The subscription option is also good for satisfying a shorter term need.  The subscription version is super easy to install and there are only a few components to install/deploy, and, there is no install.exe required for our product's website/web application .dll.  Similarly, since the subscription option substitues a .dll for a number of c# source code components, the developer can install this into an existing web forms project just as easily as to create a new stand-alone project! (instructions included)  Runs under standard IBM i OS permissions model when it comes to accessing or updating Db2 for i data... 

Download of Updates and Fixes to the Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package - Advanced 1 Module runtime are included during the subscription time frame (no extra charges).  Each subscription is tied to a single IBM i OS serial number but it works on any and all partitions.   

Stored Procedure & Embedded SQL Test Harness (Db2 for i) info page 

Link to subscription and license purchase options

v3.1 of our Db2 for i Stored Procedure Test Harness is Ready!  (See Details...)   

December 21, 2021 Announcement

This week we're very proud to announce a completely new version of our Stored Procedure and Embedded SQL Test Harness (Db2 for i).  This is now an independent offering within the Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™.  

Known as Advanced 1 Module for short, this product is oriented towards developers already working with Db2 for i stored procedures or embedded SQL.  It facilitates component level testing, prototyping and QA of stored procedures and embedded SQL without setup programming of any kind.  And, it offers what is likely the most accurate run-time simulation because it executes the SPs and Embedded SQL directly from a high-level language interface.  Whether as a developer or a technical QA analyst or an external Microsoft team member, our product reduces the time spent integrating the SPs and Embedded SQL especially in cases where the early versions end up requiring rework.

There is a vast set of enhancements included in this new version, as compared to v2.1.  Currently we have v3.1 priced at the same amount as v2.1, $235, however this is only going to last through the first two weeks of January 2022. At that point (01/17/22), the price will go up to $695. 

There is often a good bit of frustration for many IBM i developers when having to create stored procedures or make the move towards increased usage of stored procedures and views.  We have added several productivity enhancing and frustration reducing features to v3.1, such as the ability to create a drop-down list of stored procedures filtered down to only those containing an SQL character string such as "JOIN" or a file name or a database column name.  Once selected, you can see the SQL PL behind the stored procedure in one click.  There is also a Views drop-down that can be filtered in a similar manner.  You can also search for views or stored procedures by SQL name or system name across the library list or all libraries or all user libraries etc. (why does everybody force you into searching by schema or library?)  Parameter lists are derived automatically (obviously, otherwise it wouldn't work without programming setup).  This is a time-saving tool that will help you get the job done with less rework.  We have now an entire web page dedicated to this component product...  Stored Procedure & Embedded SQL Test Harness (Db2 for i)

v2.2 of Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™ Pro Intro Module Released!  (See Details...)   

October 19th, 2021 Announcement

Version 2.2 of the Pro Intro Module came into fruition today!  This new version contains a parallel path for in addition to the original c# path, along with several enhancements.  The product contains source code and works directly off Visual Studio 2017, 2019 or 2022 web application project models.  The price is $11900 $59 for Cyber Week and includes 18 months of updates within the v2* level.  Be on the lookout for a public video showing how easy it is to Get Running with the IBM Db2 for i .NET Provider!

Tegratecs delivered 4 enlightening and enabling sessions
at POWERUp 2021  (See Details...)   

PowerUp 2021 Virginia Beach Conference Logo Sr. Developer R. Smith gave three in-depth presentations (and one speedy one) at the POWERUp 2021 conference in early October.  Recordings of the nearly 300 sessions along with their attachment downloads are available through November 7th.  There was so much good stuff in the session recordings, some people registered after the conference to gain access to the recordings and the downloads.  

Code downloads for attendees that are included with sessions from Tegratecs will include working SQL PL,, xhtml and a little bit of RPGLE.  Snippets and references to c#, CLP, PHP and javascript will also be shown in several of the presentations.

Here is the PowerUp™ 2021 Virginia Beach Conference Schedule summary (now all virtual)...

Register at Virtual Attendee price for POWERUp 2021 Conference info at

our session list (with learning objectives) for POWERUp 2021 on

  • (Web Applications topic) Intro to Techniques Used to Manipulate HTML at Run Time
  • Begin thinking about server versus client side logic separation
  • Gain an intro into the kinds of HTML manipulation that are possible
  • See some code or script examples that parallel things you might do in a traditional IBM i application

  • (Database topic) Creating a Master File Data Layer with SQL PL (SQL PL code included)
  • See and understand standard Db2 for i SQL PL and stored procedure syntax that performs all of the DB access and updates used within this data layer pattern example
  • this is very applicable for something like a product master maintenance program that needs to run within a standard browser but be real time with the operational facets of the business
  • See differences in SQL PL syntax and create steps for stored procedures using *LIBL (and eliminate most database library and schema hard-coding)

  • (Mobile and Modernization) Revamping Your Web Pages for Mobile Without CSS3 Media Queries
  • Gain insight into one strategy for leveraging existing web and intranet applications to deliver mobile-friendly views (without compromising Desktop or Theatre views)
  • Learn about key HTML elements such as viewport and how width specifications and others can interact well in a relatively flat CSS design
  • (we can help you avoid a giant hierarchy of overlapping and competing media query conditions and CSS run time manipulations!)

  • (Database) Get Running with the IBM Db2 for i .NET Provider

  • Be conversant with Microsoft developers at your company regarding this efficient way to access Db2 for i in real time

  • Be able to anticipate and, in most cases, easily enable delivery of modern language data types and values from your Db2 for i database without data staging prerequisites or physical file changes
  • Be able to pass along info on how to source this provider from IBM, when and how to install and it and how to enable it within a Visual Studio project such as a web application
  • Get an introduction to how the provider interacts w/ .NET OO FW constructs & routines
  • Be able to prove out via web inquiry prototype demonstration that Db2 for i can do it (and do it well) in these .NET FW environments

  • For developers who choose to implement this web page example out on their own PC:

  • Use the included source code (, xhtml and css download included for sessions attendees!) and instructions to prototype and demonstrate running dynamic SQL select statements against any authorized Db2 for i physical or logical file, or view, with joins from an ASP.NET web forms page
  • Gain an intro to a working web page and get a taste of the challenges involved in web dev without spending a lot of time evaluating advanced architecture philosophy before getting started
  • For developers that have not yet gotten their hands on RDi, this is an opportunity to get a a taste of a modern IDE on your own personal computer using Visual Studio Community Edition (PC admin required to install Visual Studio as does RDi)

The POWERUp 2021 conference ran from Monday October 4th through Thursday October 7th and all sessions were delivered live.  There was a huge choice of topics and speakers.  Please let us us know how we can visit with you!

POWERUp 2021 Conference info at

PowerUp 2021 Virginia Beach Conference Logo

Tegratecs presented at NAViGATE, a new hybrid conference  (See Details...)   

July 6th, 2021 Recap NAViGATE conference in Columbus logo

Tegratecs presented at NAViGATE 2021 the week of May 24th, 2021, using the new conference software platform put together by the COMMON organization.  This was a new conference format and featured convenience and capability for both onsite and virtual attendance, with different prices for each.  Many of the sessions were only 20 minutes long, a significant departure from most of their previous conference formats, with less focus on the how to(s)... and more focus on navigating through the various options out in the marketplace.

Tegratecs did two presentations virtually, please see below... 

Monday's agenda included Intro to Techniques Used to Manipulate HTML at Run Time

Wednesday's agenda included Whipping Up an RPGLE After Image Capture Trigger Program for Changes on Web

The only way to see these new fast-paced presentations from Tegratecs or the other presenters, or to get the downloads, was to register for NAViGATE.  While all sessions were delivered live, recordings of the sessions were made available to registered attendees shortly after the conclusion of the conference, and were accessible for one month.       

Attendees please feel free to contact us with any questions or follow up on these topics!

Tegratecs releases new smartclient repository sync automation  (See Details...)   

February 11th, 2021 announcement with April 3rd update

Tegratecs is proud to announce a new repository sync option for fps smartclient 10.7. This new method no longer relies on IE or ActiveX, but still uses standard Windows OS CAB deployment. 

The new repository sync option enables the PC administrator to synchronize the local desktop smartclient repository with the latest version on in one step (and with full compliance to Windows OS security and admin guidelines).  User update of various presentation level facets are allowed without requiring special rights.  

Tegratecs is proud to report that this type of automated version deployment for the Financial Portrait smartclient repository has been a priority since 2005, so this year makes 15 years of coming through with this convenience feature for our clients, spanning all of the way back to Windows XP era and continuing now up through Windows 10. 

Documentation of this new method is ready now in the latest version of the Financial Portrait Desktop SW CD e4036n, available on and the fps smartclient 10.7 CD Developer Edition, which is available on

Pricing updates for
Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™ base &
Stored Procedure & Embedded SQL Test Harness (Db2 for i)  
(See Details...)

February 5th, 2021 announcement, April 3rd Update, June 8th, 2021 Update

Starting today, the price for the Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™ Pro Intro Module is being reduced to $95.  This will open the window of opportunity a little wider to more people (or companies) for this introductory although professional part of the product.  For unemployed folks and full-time students, please contact us to discuss a discounted price.

This just in as of June 8th, 2021, a separate version of the Pro Intro Module written in will be coming soon!

Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™ Advanced 1 Module, Stored Procedure & Embedded SQL Test Harness (Db2 for i) now has a maintenance option.  With this plan, the purchaser gets access to downloads of interim updates and all new releases directly from the website for one year for a tiny fee.  Tegratecs has several enhancements coming related to soft-coded access and use of Db2 for i stored procedure metadata, such as a drop-down list for stored procedures located in the library list of the connection string.  This should facilitate further use of the Advanced 1 Module product as a template of sorts and an easy way for developers to create custom user web pages that offer gridview inquiries based on Db2 for i stored procedure output. 

Tegratecs has the new 1099-NEC ready in Financial Portrait  (See Details...)   

January 18th, 2021 announcement

Tegratecs has the changes to the 1099 formats ready for 2020 reporting to the U.S. government in its Financial Portrait Software System™.  This year is going to be a bit of a big deal because the most commonly used form and box is being changed.  

Box 7, for non-employee compensation, no longer exists on the 1099-MISC form and is being moved to Box 1 of the 1099-NEC form.  One more thing to note, this is an incremental and transition year for the 1099-NEC, there are more changes mandated for next year.  

Please feel free to contact us with questions regarding the Financial Portrait Software System™ Contact Us via the Financial Portrait website

Tegratecs' implementation of 1099 handling in Financial Portrait is kind of cool.  We have a report writer of sorts for 1099s, so we are able to whip up a lot of things to accomodate 1099 format changes without programming.  This year's changes to the forms were indeeed handled entirely via data specifications in Financial Portrait, but a little work remained outside of the 1099 area, specifically because of the way we handle the default form and box.  Please feel free to contact us with technical questions regarding Financial Portrait here.

Refactoring the IBM i presentation layer and remote GUI jumpstart  (See Details...)   

September 28th, 2020 announcement, April 3rd, 2020 update

Tegratecs is very pleased to announce today the availability of new offering targeted towards companies and developers with a remote workforce productivity initiative.  The fps smartclient 10.7 CD Developer Edition is now available for only $495 with introductory pricing and includes a derivative works license to the new custom repository.  The offering is intended to help companies deliver a fast and secure GUI presentation layer to IBM i applications from the Windows desktop (even remote without requiring a VPN).  From the developer perspective, this offering is intended as a roadmap of sorts or a prototype template for their own custom initiatives.

Tegratecs announces fps smartclient 10.7  (See Details...)   

September 20th, 2020 announcement

Tegratecs is announcing today a new version of its Financial Portrait smartclient repository for use with the Financial Portrait Software System™ v4 Build Set 9.  Financial Portrait customer admins will find everything they need to install and configure this new smartclient version in the e4036n CD.  Build Set 9 applications and database server are now synched with both smartclient 8.0 and smartclient 10.7.     

Tegratecs announces online purchase offers of technical report subscriptions  (See Details...)   

August 10th, 2020 announcement

Tegratecs is now offering technical presentations and reports online that include a 3 year subscription time frame for updates and added content.  Some of the presentations have evolved over the years.  Others are new.  These initial offerings for purchase include:

All of the technical presentations and reports in this announcement are available for $95 and include the 3 year subscription updates component.

Announcing Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™!   (See Details...)   

** for immediate release March 8th, 2020 **
** updated July 7th, 2020 **
** updated April 3rd, 2021 **
** updated June 9th, 2021 **

Tegratecs Development Corp® of Schaumburg, Illinois is proud to announce Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™!  This product is a tutorial, presentation and web page source code bundle for the professional developer.  It will provide your development staff (or contract developers) with everything they need to jump-start real-time access of Db2 for i from c#, while leveraging the .NET Framework and use of familiar OO constructs.

Included in the Pro Intro Module are all the foundation aspects for setting up the IBM Db2 for i .NET Provider in a standard Web Forms web application project in Visual Studio 2017 or 2019, Community Edition on up.  The provider also works in earlier versions of Visual Studio such as Visual Studio 2015 Professional. 

You get straight-forward directions for inserting c# source code (supplied) that enables generic running of dynamic/literal SQL targeting your company's latest Db2 for i capabilities.  Included are c# goodies for handling some of the standard stuff needed for production quality business application software, such as generic capture and feedback of error diagnostics to a web page.  There are also some high quality presentation level facets that can be utilized quickly and efficiently.  These include gridview column heading niceties (with or without the inclusion of the bootstrap CSS), in-memory dynamic row filtering and server-side assignment of scripts to web page button events.

The base Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™ product licenses for $95 as of 06/08/21.  A separate add-on provides a test harness for running most any Db2 for i Stored Procedure and features increased modularity over the base version (of the c# code-behind).  It licenses for $235 and includes a 1 year maintenance plan (immediate download of updates and new verions).  Both components feature easy licensing terms and are available worldwide! (well almost, not advertised in countries with technology US advertising bans)

To purchase for immediate download, please visit our web page Purchase Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package...

Or contact us via phone at for questions or a human being or to pay via credit card over the phone or to request an invoice.

For information on the deliverable components of the product and possible freebie offerings (with website check-in), please see Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package Licensed Product Downloads...

Please note that the provider we use here in these products requires Windows OS, so Windows 7 or above is required on the developer workstation, and for deployment, Windows Server IIS.  There are no global  configuration requirements for the provider settings after installation. 

This just in!  A new advanced module for increasing developer productivity...  Auto-Gen Db2 for i SQL PL is now available!  The SQL PL generated by Advanced 2 Module has syntax and technique that should be standard across all Db2 platforms and versions and similarly, be able to be consumed by any language supporting stored procedure calls to Db2.  

For more specifics, please see Get Running with the IBM Db2 for i .NET Provider...

Tegratecs is presenting at COMMON Fall Conference & Expo 2019 in Indy  (See Details...)   

PowerUp 2019 Anaheim Conference Logo

For the first time, Tegratecs will have a representative speaking at the fall COMMON conference! 

Sr. Developer R. Smith will be giving v2 of his new presentation on developing mobile-friendly and responsive-like web pages without requiring CSS3 media queries and frameworks. 

This presentation will delve into the HTML5, CSS3 and server-side programming strategy proved out in the Mobile ASPX - Tegratecs Code Package™ from Tegratecs Development Corp®.  However, the presentation will consider ways to solve the challenges in a similar manner but by using the most widely applicable strategy.  This will enable developers to see how they can get started doing this themselves, without purchasing our product or rewriting to accomodate a responsive framework, for use within their existing web pages and web dev environment. 

The primary building blocks of the techniques rely on CSS and HTML, so these elements in final form can be referenced in the presentation as they are largely exposed in any web page and are applicable to most any web dev environment.  Challenges and agendas we solved with server-side logic or server-side c# in the master page code-behind, are addressed conceptually in the presentation with examples or stubs in server-side PHP syntax and javascript.  The javascript parallel for server-side code is included to address web run-time environments that provide only client-side scripting capability. 

COMMON Fall Conference & Expo 2019 will run from Monday September 9th, 2019 through Wednesday September 11th, 2019 at noon.  We hope to see you there!

Conference info at

As of July 2020, Revamping Your Web Pages for Mobile Without CSS3 Media Queries is now available for purchase and download online without registration.

See the offer for this technical presentation here...

Tegratecs has 3 Completely New Presentations in the works for PowerUp 2019  (See Details...)   

PowerUp 2019 Anaheim Conference Logo Anaheim CA May 19-22, 2019 amongst the palm trees

Sr. Developer R. Smith will be giving three new presentations at the POWERUp™ 2019 conference. 

Rex's session list on

The POWERUp 2019 conference will run from Sunday May 19th through Wednesday May 22nd in Anaheim, CA.  There will be pre-conference workshops on Saturday May 18th.  Many of the best presenters and in-the-know folks will be on hand.  Too many to choose from and so little time...  But that's why COMMON is now using the SCHED platform, to facilitate ease of personal scheduling. SCHED provides nice features for filtering sessions based on your personal interests.  We hope to see you there!

Here is the PowerUp™ 2019 Anaheim Conference Schedule summary...

Conference info at

Tegratecs releases a new version of CRTCSV *CMD - Tegratecs Code Package...   (See Details...)   

A new release of CRTCSV *CMD - Tegratecs Code Package has arrived with 2019 from Tegratecs Development Corp. (Schaumburg, Illinois).  The product provides for creating .csv, xml and tab-delimited versions of Db2 for i data files on the fly.  New features for the heading line allow use of meta-data standards young and old.  IBM i 7.2 is required to run the new version, v3.1.  New videos and a full-featured trial are available from this website. 

Create .CSV and XML IBM i *CMD licenses on a yearly subscription basis for $95 per year per serial number and partition regardless of tier or user count.  Subscription version is executable program object code only.

CRTCSV *CMD - Tegratecs Code Package...

Announcing Mobile ASPX - Tegratecs Code Package™!   (See Details...)   

** for immediate release **

Tegratecs Development Corp® of Schaumburg, Illinois is pleased to announce Mobile ASPX - Tegratecs Code Package™ for US and Canada availability.  Mobile ASPX is a new software product for use with the ASP.NET Framework.  Mobile ASPX gives your internal development staff a huge jump-start in transforming desktop web page formats into mobile device views in short order.

Mobile ASPX is not dependent upon commonly used techniques used to implement responsive design so it does not require reclassification of web page HTML elements.  However, Mobile ASPX is compatible with existing responsive design drop-down or NAV menus and implementations already in place, including jQuery and bootstrap.

Essentially, Mobile ASPX seeks to empower ASP.NET developers with a controller-like solution to the mobile view challenge, while not hindering wide-aspect views (like gridviews with numerous columns).  By using the master page technique in an OO environment, there is virtually no code duplication or requirement for "includes".  Also, the developer can usually avoid meddling with tricky CSS hierarchies (or needing someone else to do so).  While MVC templates do not use master pages, the code and/or logic could be incorporated into a custom MVC solution.

For those who do not take advantage of the ASP.NET Framework, we'd like to point you to our technical report, Revamping Your Web Pages for Mobile Without CSS3 Media Queries. The presentation sheds insight into the techniques used in Mobile ASPX, but is applicable to a very wide audience, such as PHP developers or those using web deployments that offer only use of client-side script. Revamping technical presentation purchase option...

“The ability to deliver four optimized views to virtually any HTML5 compatible device is the primary goal of the product”, states Mr. Smith, Sr. Developer at Tegratecs.  “A secondary goal for Mobile ASPX is compatibility with websites and web applications already in production".

The Mobile ASPX code package comes with technical documentation that highlights where c# (or code-behind is to be placed.  Specific documentation is included for using Mobile ASPX with most any of the Web Form project templates that are offered with Visual Studio.  In a similar vein, most companies will find that there is no need to change their .dll reference lists or .dll versions already in place when adding Mobile ASPX.

The technical documentation also includes specific example cases for making changes to CSS3 and HTML5 (in both the base pages and master page), but most of this part is becoming part of the standard knowledge and skillsets of many.

To see Mobile ASPX in action on a website that does not depend on a CSS3 media query library such as bootstrap, visit any page on or  Click on the drop-down at the top of the page to force Mobile or Tablet or Theatre view.  These conform closely to the standard responsive design implementation, by hiding the navigation options behind a hamburger stack icon when in mobile or tablet view.  Please try visiting or from your phone or tablet to see how the view automatically starts out in the mobile (or tablet) view.  The Financial Portrait site positions the hamburger stack in the upper right hand corner where it is located in the upper left corner on

If you have questions, please contact us via phone at or by requesting a quick call.  

Mobile ASPX Tegratecs Code Package is priced below what most companies pay for a single developer for one month.  Proprietary and copyright source code is included in this product, so there is a license agreement that must be signed by an officer of the licensing company.  However, one advantage to this, Illinois Sales Tax law does not require sales tax to be collected for source code products with a signed license agreement (so we will refund the sales tax once we have a signed license agreement!). 

Here is a link to another implementation of Mobile ASPX.  This implementation is Mobile ASPX on top of the default Microsoft ASP.NET web application (.NET Framework) project type, our Project 1  implemented example 1...  Please note that the navigation bar in this example is a master page component that does reference the Bootstrap CSS framework and a jQuery library, however, the body part of all of the pages do not use either. 

Tegratec's New IBM Power 9 Server is in!   (See Details...)   

woohoo!  Tegratecs is proud to announce the new IBM Power 9 server has arrived!  Please see the unveling video on the About Us page. 

the new IBM Power 9 S914 IBM i still in crate... unboxing the new IBM Power 9 S914 IBM i on September 5th, 2018...

WMCPA's 2018 annual conference March 13-15 was great...   (See Details...)   
WMCPA 2018 spring conference runs March 13-15, 2018...

WMCPA had a vibrant education event and vendor exhibit run just recently at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, Wisconsin.  There were over 50 sessions included with conference attendance, along with the Extreme Makeover - UI Edition and Women in IT seminars and a great atmosphere of fun and learning.  The Experts Roundtable on Open Source was enlightening and fast paced, with MC Charlie Guarino making sure to address areas of concern with mixing in open source languages with RPG environments.

Tegratecs Development Corp.® was there as a corporate sponsor touting it's latest development techniques and products.  See speakers and conference schedule here...

In the UI Challenge, we used our base repository settings to get to a real GUI pretty quickly, transforming the base textual UI given (that only a mother could love).  Speaking of dynamic UI transformation, we have continuation of our work in the UI Challenge coming to this website soon.  Please check back.  See more about our work in UI modernization...

For our c# and Visual RPG for .NET websites, we spread excitement about our transaction technique that facilitates multi-file commit and rollback using IBM's Db2 for i data provider for .NET and SQL PL stored procedures written with library list flexbility (and eliminating production versus test library hard-coding).  A lot of features there to facilitate multi-user web applications with top quality database concurrency like you do for internal ERP applications....

And lastly, coming soon, within a new release of Financial Portrait, we are proud to announce electronic payment transactions direct from Accounts Payable on IBM i.  ePayments in this first release include domestic ACH and commercial card transactions to Wells Fargo Payment Manager via sftp over SSH.  No paper checks or online payments bank reconciliation consternation with this method!  We also offer technical consultantion and development services to help you with this on your custom system in the event you are looking for an incremental feature within your current A/P application on IBM i.

late morning view after a brief snow storm...
Say, did we mention an atmosphere of fun and learning and a great resort hotel?
A few moments were found for pinball and listening to a wandering minstrel or two.  OK, the pinball game shown below took over 15 minutes to get to the 2nd highest score!

A Tegratecs rep gets 2nd Place Champion at Pirates of the Carribean at WMCPA 2018

Tegratecs was a Sponsor at Omni User Technical Conference 2017 on 09/21/7...   (See Details...)   

The Omni User put on its annual 1 day technical conference in Schaumburg, IL, Tuesday September 19th 2017.  The organizers delivered on their promise of an event... providing great value, with education content including the latest in relational database capabilities, IBM i Admin, and business application software development on the IBM i platform. The conference started with a keynote on Watson and integrating with Watson. 

Tegratecs had a booth in the vendor exhibit area, highlighting various strengths in their offerings, including its Financial Portrait accounting suite and smartclient, ETL, and top quality custom development services. Click here for Tegratecs software and service offerings of focus at Omni Tech Conference 2017

One common denominator for most everyone in IT is SQL and relational database.  This year Scott Forstie from IBM presented on late breaking features such as Row and Column Access Control.  With this new Db2 for i capability, you can define rules that restrict data access to certain users using syntax similar to SQL where clauses and joins.  Use of this technique in the future can remove objections to providing direct data access to users who are self-sufficient in creating their own reports and inquiries for analysis and Business Intelligence agendas. 

Read this next paragraph for further technical insight on how Row Access Control might be implemented.

The row access control technique is not implemented at the application programming level, but instead a new database admin security level, so it proactively prevents even read access to unauthorized portions of data for query users and any other ad-hoc methods of data access.  However, if you already have existing application level security or permissions data represented in database form, especially that which determines data ownership and access rights at a more granular level than the IBM i OS, you would definitely want to use that data in the new Row Access Control specifications. A fairly simple but practical example could be one that determines which companies can be accessed by IBM i User Profile in a multi-company environment (such as PRMS or Financial Portrait Software System).  The only thing you need (to be in position), are relational links between User Profile and company ID (Db2 rows containing pairings of User Profile with authorized company ID).

Another new feature in Db2 involves temporal table support, which provides for SQL access to see table(s) as they existed at any point in the past, including records that have long since been deleted.  Obviously rows that are deleted before the temporal table support is turned on for a given table aren’t available. 

There were 3 other tracks of presentations.  Pete Massiello talked about IBM i admin topics including Virtual i Partitions and key things to know for your IBM i 7.3, 7.2 or 7.1 OS upgrades.  Tim Rowe, an excellent source for information about the latest happenings in the IBM i area, did several sessions, which include good details about the RDi IDE, which has new features added recently to accommodate refactoring. 

Barbara Morris is a very insightful presenter with a lot of insider knowledge.  Omni event organizers were very pleased to be able to have Barbara present several sessions from remote. A special request was a session recapping many of the new RPG Free features that have been brought to fruition since IBM i 7.1 (a big leap forward), and another focused on new support for handling null values in RPG (along with some candid insights) and more. 

Tegratecs Exhibits at WMCPA's annual conference  2017...   (See Details...)   

Tegratecs was there at WMCPA 2017 as a corporate sponsor touting it's latest commercial quality development techniques in the areas of proactive row locking with SQL using IBM's Db2 for i data provider for .NET and MS SQL Server.  The transaction construct provided in c#, VB.NET and other .NET OO languages use a form of committment control across multiple stored procedure calls.  Our technique combines the best of both optimistic and pessimistic row locking techniques.  Check this out as a possible remedy for nondetermistic results in your ERP software runtimes. 

There were over 20 speakers and 50 sessions included with conference attendance, along with a keynote presented by Dr. Stefanie Chiras from IBM.  The snow on the ground made for nice views and an atmosphere of learning.  Upper class hospitality and comfort and value was provided by the Lake Lawn resort. 

WMCPA 2017 spring conference runs March 14-17, 2017...

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