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Create and Use an SSL Certificate on IBM i
Step by Step Example
(a technical presentation available at no charge with web check-in)

Presentation Synopsis:

  • Provide secure and encrypted 5250 data stream conversations
  • with the IBM i server (including authentication)
  • use a digital certificate we create with Digital Certificate Manager
  • Show a client configuration example (looksoftware smartclient)
  • Enables secured access to 5250 data stream without VPN
  • - Delivers excellent response time
  • Certificate will work for the server-side certificate for any 5250
  • application including IBM i Access for Windows
  • Encrypts data, eliminates ability to sniff data stream
  • - Prevents undetected tampering with the data stream
  • Learn about server/port/services interaction
  • Save time or money and hassle in comparison
Satisfy Enterprise Security Interests
Require SSL with telnet server from outside the LAN

Here is a short MP4 video of how this works when implemented.
It will show the first log-on when notice of the certificate is given along with a request to accept the certificate.

We are offering this copyrighted presentation free and without obligation for a limited time with registration to this website (www.tegratecs.com).  Without registration, you can view and download the first fifth of this presentation for your own use (our Public Preview* policy).

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