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Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™ (Advanced 2 Module)

Auto-Gen Db2 for i SQL PL

Stored Procedure & Embedded SQL Test Harness (Db2 for i)
This is one of two separate advanced modules in the Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™ that help boost productivity for developers already working with IBM SQL PL stored procedures... 

 Advanced 2 Module 
Use your creativity in writing SQL statements as input, and this tool will combine it with Db2 for i metadata to automatically generate IBM SQL PL, a language standardized by IBM across its Db2 product lines.  Our product goes a long way with helping you to develop your own problem-solving technique too... 

Auto-Gen Db2 for i SQL PL

Nicely-formatted SQL column headings with spaces are supported (which requires differences in syntax).  Please see pictures of example output for Advanced 2 Module in these pages. 

while you'll still have to compile the stored procedures somewhere (like ACS Run SQL Scripts), Advanced 2 Module is a true development tool. 

Advanced 2 Module is also intended to help you with the mundane and repetitive tasks like formulating lengthy column subset lists from JOIN SQL statements, or building or enhancing views, join record formats and stored procedures from inline SQL.  Column attributes are pulled from Db2 metadata.  Duplicate columns formed from blanket SQL select statements are resolved with the same pattern that is used to populate the gridview UI element. 

This tool will help you save a lot of whittling with minutia level DDS versus SQL syntax differences, so you can make incremental improvements in your application development that take advantage of the strengths of each of the techniques.   

 Advanced 2 Module 

Get Running - Advanced 2 Module

Get Running - Advanced 2 Module

link to full browser page snapshot PDF of Auto-Gen Db2 for i SQL PL product

If you purchase a 1 month subscription version, c# code-behind the web page is not included, but you might find it easer to get it installed into a Visual Studio project.  No registry manipulation is required on the workstation for the Advanced 2 Module .dlls, they just need to be referenced in a web forms project.  You may use the SQL PL code generated during the subscription period as long as you like!  

With your license purchase, you'll receive all of the c# code-behind source that does the work behind the scenes for the web page.  For Advanced 2 Module, that is c# to access Db2 for i metadata and to generate / write / output SQL PL in finished and stub form.  This allows you to enhance the c# code based on your internal company stored procedure programming standards!  (i.e. You may even choose to modify the c# so that it also generates SQL PL based on your company's standardized templates or patterns.) 

Didn't find what you were looking for?  Please let us know. 

Licensing Terms   (Show Expanded Details...)   
  • Licensing terms are easy for Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™, considering it is a product that includes source code.  You only need 1 license if you are an individual developer or an end-user company providing product source code for derivative works by up to 5 employee developers at a time. 

  • The Advanced Modules are licensed with a 1 year maintenance agreement that extends the ability to do self-serve downloads basically for any current or future version for one year.

  • Extrapolating a technique out of a snippet of the copyrighted source code is not considered a derivative work.  It is an intended usage.

  • The SQL PL and c# code that is generated out of Advanced 2 Module by the licensee is not considered part of the copyrighted source code and has no usage restriction for the licensee.  However, Advanced 2 Module is not licensed for deployment to a production web server, that requires a higher license fee.

  • A single license gives rights for a single contract developer (or end-user company as stated) to use as he/she sees fit including to make derivative works for use by only the licensee, provided existing copyright statements are included in copied or derivative code until at such point the new work is over 50% different than the source code provided (which is basically the standard minimum software copyright guidelines for claiming rights and avoiding copyright infringement).

  • A single license can also be purchased by an end-user company, and it is intended to provide source code usage rights for up to 5 developers.  For example, IT and software development service providers are not considered end-user companies.

  • Software service providers, education organizations and ISV(s), please contact us, your price will be different, perhaps even lower, in some cases.

License Advanced 2 Module HERE

Auto-Gen Db2 for i SQL PL

(product includes source code)
 Order Items  (Show Details...)   
QuantityUOMItemDescriptionPriceCurr Code
1EACHGRTCP2LF Get Running-TCpkg - Advanced 2 Module - License - v3.1
GR-TCP2 LicFee v3.1   6 Mn Downloads+Fixes v3%
1EACHGRTCP2MPGet Running-TCpkg - Advanced 2 Module 12 Mn Maintenance Plan
GR-TCP2 MntPln v3.1   12 Mn Support+Updates v%
2    Total 475.00 
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$475 US
Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™
Advanced 2 Module
with 12 Month Maintenance Plan
(Illinois locations, we'll cover the sales tax for you)

Get 1 Month Subscription for
Advanced 2 Module HERE

Auto-Gen Db2 for i SQL PL

$45 US - 1 Month Subscription

(runtime only version, no c# source code-behind)
(requires the .NET Framework)
(requires a reference to the IBM Db2 for i .NET Provider .dll in your website or web application project (instructions included))
 Order Items  (Show Details...)   
QuantityUOMItemDescriptionPriceCurr Code
1EACH GRTCP2SS Get Running-TCpkg - Adv 2 Module - 1 Mn Subscription - v3.1
GR-TCP1 SubLic v3.1   1 Mn Subscription License v3.1
1     Total 45.00  
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IBM i Serial Number

$45 US - 1 Month Subscription

Get Running - Tegratecs Code Package™
Advanced 2 Module
(object only version tied to IBM i serial number)
(Illinois locations, we'll cover the sales tax for you)

Download Keys Delivery  (Show Expanded Details...)   
  • The keys that enable immediate download (directly after purchase) are emailed to the PayPal Account holder used with the purchase.

  • If you are logged in to and your Web User ID has a verified email address that is different, a second set of the keys will be emailed directly to that email address also.

  • If you don't have access to the PayPal account holder email address and aren't logged in to, please contact us after the purchase to let us know how we can assist you (in getting the keys to you, mailing you a CD or by linking accounts via the back office, which may take up to 12 hours depending upon your time zone).

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