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Another OO Web Page Content Example

a working example within an OO pattern website

the Essence

In this technical article, you can examine a working Content Page example, along with the c# and XHTML source code behind the component. This example is in production and contains references to an independent and custom base page class and master page.  It takes advantage of the ASP.NET Framework and OO programming, plus it's not just theory.

Why are we here?

Good reasons for reading further...

  • To see how little c# is required in the Content Page code-behind

  • To notice that there is no c# or XHTML required in the content page to handle mobile 

  • Tablet, Mobile, and Theatre Views are accomplished via a single master page c# code-behind (along with appropriately written XHTML in the content page). 

  • We offer a product with c# source code for license that includes everything you need to start tweaking your existing your web pages for mobile within hours.  Here are page links for more info on our Mobile ASPX - Tegratecs Code Packageā„¢--> Visual Studio Project TemplatesFeatures and Benefits,  Product Contents SummaryIntroduction.

  • to match the functions of a working content page on this website (User Tutorials Cloud Subscription Offer on with the small amount of standardized c# it takes to do the triggering

  • To gain at least some insight to the implied web project template and structure, which largely eliminates the requirements for an MVC or responsive rewrite for existing web forms sites

  • You are evaluating website design or architectural patterns

  • To notice how many of the cool and advanced features can be separated and isolated without duplication, and where they exist code-wise outside of the content page in our template pattern.  By the way, we offer this complete template for license in our Tegratecs OO Pattern Web Base™.

  • This is a web forms example that works with web application projects and website projects, in C# or and even some 3rd party languages

  • Even though the web forms project types are being dismissed by some at this juncture, an OO web template just might prove more than satisfactory for your application design pattern (or architectural) interests, while then making it significantly easier for agile focus on user requirements

code-behind for the Content Page with this design pattern
Here is all of the c# code required for the Content Page in this OO framework.

Specifying the UI controls in the Content Page UI controls for the web page can be specified in XHTML and stored in the .aspx source file.  We are using the XHTML 5 Target Schema for Validation.

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