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Is this what your CEO sees?

While a mission-critical green screen might may be loved by only a few, a new version that is little more than the same thing delivered in a browser with a nice border, typically solves only a few challenges, and in the process gives up a slew of past accomplishments

While your internal ERP application may be woven like a beautiful forest, it often takes focus or energy to discern the various elements of the UI, and couldn't be considered intuitive

So you invest more into your textual UI and keep coming up with something a little better.  Nicer, but still not that intuitive to new users or workers filling in on a temporary basis.

For your ERP level IBM i applications, there is a tool out there that recognizes generally accepted screen design and presentation patterns and variations.  It's advanced and fine-tuned. 

Most companies will find it recognizes much of what they have right out of the box (a qualified  guide can help take advantage as well).  So it really makes sense to break free of most of the limitations of the IBM i textual UI while still retaining the integrity of message handling and edit flows.

Leverage your existing investment -and- get dynamic transformation to Windows GUI even from remote! 

Give our fastpath and custom repository a try just as an example or as a jumpstart, with your evaluation of the looksoftware brand desktop Smartclient (published by Fresche Solutions).  The transformation from textual data elements to GUI controls occurs at run time as a fundamental strategy behind the scenes and right out of the box. 

fps smartclient 10.7 CD Our custom repository and fastpath documents are available as separately priced offerings from Tegratecs Development Corp.®

Make your Green Eyes GUI on IBM i

  • provide a nice graphical user interface to IBM i users fast
  • retain the speedy nature of the textual UI in your mission-critical applications on IBM i
  • yet gain click, double-click, right-click and hover mouse events at the presentation level
  • enhance visual cues of the textual UI in the new GUI
  • retain equivalent textual UI keyboard shortcuts for speed and hand positioning convenience
  • facilitate a smooth transition to GUI even for older workers

  • gain great interoperability with IBM® i from any Windows OS
  • so polished is the UI data stream interaction, that you can refactor your existing textual UI to GUI without any native program changes!
  • refactoring is a worthy consideration for a Phase I initiative, pandemic-induced remote workforce imperative or if you have no source code
  • battle-tested to work well even if you have older style programming, proven to work reliably on many variations and versions and evolutions of native programming

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  • developer/designer productivity is within reach
  • dynamic recognition engine is nearly an AI expert system
  • most alignments are preserved even with dynamic transformation to typographic fonts
  • many screens will not require a custom overlay
  • optimized for commonly used screen layouts like subfile lists
  • dynamic recognition engine reduces or eliminates most "dual maintenance" because most transformations occur without element level customizations
  • try our repository and fast path concept in the early going - but still use internal development resources if you wish
  • a programmer is not required for many of the tasks, i.e. try letting a business analyst assist in the process

  • the Smartclient extends and integrates to create composite applications of the future
  • access of internal or external web services
  • direct database access

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