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smartclient is one of a suite of deployment products from

Deploying UI Modernization with the smartclient
  • gain great interoperability with IBM® i servers from any Windows client
  • along with the ability to communicate securely over any TCP/IP network

  • provide a rich GUI (graphical user interface) to users
  • while retaining the speedy nature of the textual UI (it's fast)
  • and in most cases, retaining equivalent keyboard shortcuts for speed and hand positioning convenience (while also facilitating a smooth transition to the new UI)

  • let looksoftware's dynamic recognition environment help you achieve serious productivity by eliminating most dual maintenance
  • even with typographic fonts and proportional spacing

  • the smartclient extends and integrates to create composite applications of the future
  • integration with other PC desktop applications
  • access of software services over the web
  • direct database access
  • client-side scripting includes visual basic and java script

  • our recommendation is to use the smartclient for your ERP applications on IBM i for local and remote users
  • We can help you get started, create a project plan, train your resources or get down in the trenches (actually there isn't a lot of trench work with this product!)

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is an OEM partner of

The smartclient runs as a desktop executable and also within an ActiveX component within the browser.

Shown here is the looksoftware smartclient running as desktop software but connected to a IBM i server over the internet.

customized newlook 'web client' running Financial Portrait Software System

newlook, smartclient and looksoftware are trademarks of looksoftware pty. ltd.
Windows, Vista, XP, ActiveX and Internet Information Server (IIS) are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation.
IBM, WebSphere and System i are trademarks of International Business Machines Corporation in the United States, other countries, or both.

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