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Is this what your CEO sees?

Don't simply put a nice border around your green screen.

The path to a real GUI with Microsoft controls in the presentation layer is shorter than you realize. 

While your application may be woven like a beautiful forest, it may appear like this to new users or even existing users on Monday morning (i.e. it takes work to focus and discern the various elements)

So you invest more into your textual UI and keep coming up with something a little better.  Nicer, but still limited.

There is a tool out there that recognizes generally accepted screen design and presentation patterns in the IBM i textual UI.  It's advanced and fine-tuned. 

It will recognize much of what you've got right out of the box.  So it really makes sense to leverage your investment in the UIs you have,

break free of the limitations of the textual UI (while retaining the edits and dependencies)

and get dynamic translation to GUI 

Give our fastpath and custom repository a try just as an example, with your evaluation of the looksoftware brand desktop Smartclient

Our custom repository and fastpath documents are available as separately priced offerings from Tegratecs Development Corp.®

Make your green eyes GUI on IBM i

Click here to see a short video of the Last
Reporting Request feature in Financial
Portrait with smartclient.

  • gain great interoperability with IBM® i servers from any Windows client

  • along with the ability to communicate securely over any TCP/IP network

  • provide a rich GUI (graphical user interface) to users

  • while retaining the speedy nature of the textual UI (it's fast)
  • and in most cases, retaining equivalent keyboard shortcuts for speed and hand positioning convenience (while also facilitating a smooth transition to the new UI)

  • As developers, we know that web applications usually have a vastly different application flow than our in-house ERP systems

  • And you have been focusing your ERP users towards high productivity results
  • not necessarily ease of use and
  • certainly not the self-service model

  • Plus this is simply a whole lot easier!    

  • dynamic recognition environment helps you achieve serious productivity by eliminating most dual maintenance

  • even with typographic fonts and proportional spacing, most alignments are recognized automatically!

  • try our repository and fast path concept in the early going - but still use internal development resources if you wish

  • the Smartclient extends and integrates to create composite applications of the future

  • integration with other PC desktop applications
  • access of software services over the web
  • direct database access
  • client-side scripting includes vb and java script

  • our recommendation is to use the Smartclient for your local and remote ERP application users
  • We can help you get started, create a project plan, train your resources or get down in the trenches (actually there isn't a lot of trench work with this product!)
  • Our custom repository and fastpath documents are available as separately priced offerings
Tegratecs kicks off the Extreme Makeover - UI Edition Challenge at WMCPA 2018...   (See Details...)   

WMCPA had a vibrant education event and vendor exhibit run just recently (March 2018) at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, Wisconsin.  See speakers and conference schedule here...

The stated object of our attention, for each of the Challenge participants, was a somewhat needy order entry program.  The time guideline for each vendor/participant/challenger to work their magic, in front of the attendees, was approximately 1.25 hours. 

We used our Financial Portrait base repository settings to come out of the gate fast, and to transform much of the textual UI of the base program provided without doing any detailed work.  We offered our base settings to anyone in attendence (for their use when evaluating a looksoftware brand product), so everyone would know that what they were seeing was on the up and up and that our results could be replicated quickly back in their own environment. 

That offer still stands, by the way, so it is still available for anyone who attended our presentation at WMCPA 2018.

We showed a good bit of "how to" details in using the Newlook Developer 10.5 IDE, and highlighted the dynamic UI transformation capabilities at work at both the IDE/designer level and at the client runtime level, which includes both desktop and zero-footprint browser (lookserver) alternatives.

But our big news right now is we are going to continue the UI Challenge with a series of videos on this website!  Please check back soon!

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