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Tegratecs News and Events

Tegratecs News and Events

Tegratecs to offer practical know-how at PowerUp 2020 (See Details...)   

PowerUp 2020 Tampa Conference Logo

Coming your way at POWERUp2020, now rescheduled for August 31st, will be a wide range of topics, each addressed from the perspectives of accomplished professionals.  Sr. Developer Rex Smith's presentation this year will be:

Rex's presentation this year will be in tune with several of the sessions on leading edge database concepts, but will give emphasis to getting out the how-to level details via use of incremental techniques (not requiring rip and replace).

The POWERUp 2020 conference will now run from Monday August 31st through Thursday September 3rd in Tampa, FL.  Many of the best thought leaders and accomplished developers will be on-site.  A tad bit overwhelming perhaps (there will be about 15 presentations going on each hour), but this gives you the best chance of getting the latest angles on your topics of interest!  Use SCHED to facilitate ease of personal scheduling online and mobile.  We hope to see you there!

Here is the POWERUp Atlanta 2020 Conference Schedule summary...

PowerUp™ Conference info at common.org...

PowerUpTampa2020 Tegratecs speaker profile...

Get Running with the IBM .NET Data Provider and Db2 for i   (See Details...)   

** for immediate release **

Tegratecs Development Corp® of Schaumburg, Illinois is pleased to announce Get Running - TechCrystals Code Package™!  This product is a tutorial, presentation and web page source code bundle for the professional developer.  It will provide your development staff (or contract developers) with everything they need to jump-start real-time access of Db2 for i from c# or vb.net, while leveraging the .NET Framework and use of familiar OO constructs.

Included in the package are all the basics for setting up the IBM .NET Data Provider in a standard Web Forms web application project in Visual Studio 2017 or Visual Studio 2019.  You get straight-forward directions for inserting c# source code that enables generic running of dynamic/literal SQL targeting your company's latest Db2 for i capabilities.  Included are goodies for handling much of the standard stuff needed for production quality business application software. These include gridview column heading niceties (with or without the bootstrap CSS), dynamic row filtering and generic feedback of error diagnostics.

The base Get Running - TechCrystals Code Package product licenses for $295.  A separate add-on provides a test harness for running most any Db2 for i Stored Procedure and features increased modularity over the base version.  It licenses for $195.  Both feature easy licensing terms and are available worldwide!

Please contact us via phone at for questions or a human being or to pay via credit card or to request an invoice.

For information on the deliverable components of the product and possible freebie offerings (with website check-in), please see Get Running TechCrystals Code Package Licensed Product Downloads...

Please note that the providers we use here are not for .NET Core, instead they leverage the OO FW.  For more specifics, please see Get Running with the IBM .NET Data Provider and Db2 for i...

Tegratecs is presenting at COMMON Fall Conference & Expo 2019 in Indy  (See Details...)   

PowerUp 2019 Anaheim Conference Logo

For the first time, Tegratecs will have a representative speaking at the fall COMMON conference! 

Sr. Developer Rex Smith will be giving v2 of his new presentation on programatically writing mobile-friendly web pages without requiring CSS3 media queries or frameworks. 

Rex's presentation will delve into the HTML5, CSS3 and server-side programming strategy proved out in the Mobile ASPX software product, but will differ in that it will address use of scripting/programming techniques in as broadly applicable of a perspective as possible.  So topics involving use of server-side code will include some PHP syntax and some javascript (to address other website environments that provide only client-side scripting capability). 

COMMON Fall Conference & Expo 2019 will run from Monday September 9th through Wednesday September 11th at noon.  We hope to see you there!

Conference info at common.org...

Here for the first time, Tegratecs is providing a link to an implemented example of the Mobile ASPX TechCrystals Code Package Project 1, without requiring registration on the Tegratecs website!  implemented example 1...  Please note that the navigation bar in example 1 is a master page component that does reference the Bootstrap CSS framework and a jQuery library, however, the body part of the pages do not use either. 

For web project examples that do not reference a CSS3 media query library, visit implemented example 2...  or implemented example 3.  Implemented example 3 conforms closely to the standard responsive design via CSS3 media query implementation, by hiding the navigation options behind a hamburger stack icon when in mobile view.

Tegratecs has 3 Completely New Presentations in the works for PowerUp 2019™  (See Details...)   

PowerUp 2019 Anaheim Conference Logo Anaheim CA May 19-22, 2019 amongst the palm trees

Sr. Developer Rex Smith will be giving three new presentations at the POWERUp™ 2019 conference. 

Rex's session list on PowerUp19.sched.com...

The POWERUp 2019 conference will run from Sunday May 19th through Wednesday May 22nd in Anaheim, CA.  There will be pre-conference workshops on Saturday May 18th.  Many of the best presenters and in-the-know folks will be on hand.  Too many to choose from and so little time...  But that's why COMMON is now using the SCHED platform, to facilitate ease of personal scheduling. SCHED provides nice features for filtering sessions based on your personal interests.  We hope to see you there!

Here is the PowerUp™ 2019 Anaheim Conference Schedule summary...

Conference info at common.org...

Tegratecs releases a new version of CRTCSV *cmd - TechCrystals Code Package...   (See Details...)   

A new release of CRTCSV *cmd - TechCrystals Code Package has arrived with 2019 from Tegratecs Development Corp. (Schaumburg, Illinois).  The product provides for creating .csv, xml and tab-delimited versions of Db2 for i data files on the fly.  New features for the heading line allow use of meta-data standards young and old.  IBM i 7.2 is required to run the new version, v3.1.  New videos and a full-featured trial are available from this website. 

Create .CSV and XML IBM i *cmd licenses on a yearly subscription basis for $95 per year per serial number and partition regardless of tier or user count.  Subscription version is object code only.

CRTCSV *cmd - TechCrystals Code Product...

Announcing Mobile ASPX - TechCrystals Code Package!   (See Details...)   

** for immediate release **

Tegratecs Development Corp of Schaumburg, Illinois is pleased to announce Mobile ASPX - TechCrystals Code Package for US and Canada availability.  Mobile ASPX is a new software product for use with the ASP.NET Web Forms framework.  Mobile ASPX gives your internal development staff a jump-start in transforming desktop web page formats into mobile views.

Mobile ASPX is not dependent upon commonly used techniques used to implement responsive design.  However, Mobile ASPX is compatible with existing responsive design drop-down or NAV menus and implementations already in place.  It is also compatible with jQuery and bootstrap, which is demonstrated in the Project 1 (c#) and Project 4 (vb.net) templates.

Essentially, Mobile ASPX seeks to empower ASP.NET Web Forms developers with a controller-like solution to the mobile device challenge.  By using the master page technique in an OO environment, there is virtually no code duplication or requirement for includes.  Also, the developer can usually avoid meddling with tricky CSS hierarchies (or needing someone else to do so).

“The ability to deliver four optimized views to virtually any HTML5 compatible device is the primary goal of the product”, states Rex Smith, Sr. Developer at Tegratecs.  Mr. Smith continues, “A secondary goal for Mobile ASPX is compatibility with websites and web applications already in production.

The Mobile ASPX code package comes with technical documentation that highlights where c# (or vb.net) code-behind is to be placed.  Specific documentation is included for using Mobile ASPX with most any of the Web Form project templates that are offered with Visual Studio!  On a similar vein, by isolating and minimizing .dll dependencies down to the project template, Tegratecs believes that most companies will find that there is no need to change .dll reference lists in order to implement Mobile ASPX.

The technical documentation also includes specific example cases for making changes to CSS3 and HTML5 (in both the base pages and master page).  See more information on this at Licensed Product Downloads.

For more information, please contact us via phone at or by requesting pricing information on the web (or by registering).  Source code is included so there is a license agreement that must be signed by an officer of the company.  Mobile ASPX TechCrystals Code Package is priced below what most companies pay for a single developer for one month.

Tegratec's New IBM Power 9 Server is in!   (See Details...)   

woohoo!  Tegratecs is proud to announce the new IBM Power 9 server has arrived!  Please see the unveling video on the About Us page. 

the new IBM Power 9 S914 IBM i still in crate... unboxing the new IBM Power 9 S914 IBM i on September 5th, 2018...

WMCPA's 2018 annual conference March 13-15 was great...   (See Details...)   
WMCPA 2018 spring conference runs March 13-15, 2018...

WMCPA had a vibrant education event and vendor exhibit run just recently at Lake Lawn Resort in Delavan, Wisconsin.  There were over 50 sessions included with conference attendance, along with the Extreme Makeover - UI Edition and Women in IT seminars and a great atmosphere of fun and learning.  The Experts Roundtable on Open Source was enlightening and fast paced, with MC Charlie Guarino making sure to address areas of concern with mixing in open source languages with RPG environments.

Tegratecs Development Corp.® was there as a corporate sponsor touting it's latest development techniques and products.  See speakers and conference schedule here...

In the UI Challenge, we used our base repository settings to get to a real GUI pretty quickly, transforming the base textual UI given (that only a mother could love).  Speaking of dynamic UI transformation, we have continuation of our work in the UI Challenge coming to this website soon.  Please check back.  See more about our work in UI modernization...

For our c# and Visual RPG for .NET websites, we spread excitement about our transaction technique that facilitates multi-file commit and rollback using IBM's Db2 for i data provider for .NET and SQL PL stored procedures written with library list flexbility (and eliminating production versus test library hard-coding).  A lot of features there to facilitate multi-user web applications with top quality database concurrency like you do for internal ERP applications....

And lastly, coming soon, within a new release of Financial Portrait, we are proud to announce electronic payment transactions direct from Accounts Payable on IBM i.  ePayments in this first release include domestic ACH and commercial card transactions to Wells Fargo Payment Manager via sftp over SSH.  No paper checks or online payments bank reconciliation consternation with this method!  We also offer technical consultantion and development services to help you with this on your custom system in the event you are looking for an incremental feature within your current A/P application on IBM i.

late morning view after a brief snow storm...
Say, did we mention an atmosphere of fun and learning and a great resort hotel?
A few moments were found for pinball and listening to a wandering minstrel or two.  OK, the pinball game shown below took over 15 minutes to get to the 2nd highest score!

A Tegratecs rep gets 2nd Place Champion at Pirates of the Carribean at WMCPA 2018

Tegratecs was a Sponsor at Omni User Technical Conference 2017 on 09/21/7...   (See Details...)   

The Omni User put on its annual 1 day technical conference in Schaumburg, IL, Tuesday September 19th 2017.  The organizers delivered on their promise of an event... providing great value, with education content including the latest in relational database capabilities, IBM i Admin, and business application software development on the IBM i platform. The conference started with a keynote on Watson and integrating with Watson. 

Tegratecs had a booth in the vendor exhibit area, highlighting various strengths in their offerings, including its Financial Portrait accounting suite and smartclient, ETL, and top quality custom development services. Click here for Tegratecs software and service offerings of focus at Omni Tech Conference 2017

One common denominator for most everyone in IT is SQL and relational database.  This year Scott Forstie from IBM presented on late breaking features such as Row and Column Access Control.  With this new Db2 for i capability, you can define rules that restrict data access to certain users using syntax similar to SQL where clauses and joins.  Use of this technique in the future can remove objections to providing direct data access to users who are self-sufficient in creating their own reports and inquiries for analysis and Business Intelligence agendas. 

Read this next paragraph for further technical insight on how Row Access Control might be implemented.

The row access control technique is not implemented at the application programming level, but instead a new database admin security level, so it proactively prevents even read access to unauthorized portions of data for query users and any other ad-hoc methods of data access.  However, if you already have existing application level security or permissions data represented in database form, especially that which determines data ownership and access rights at a more granular level than the IBM i OS, you would definitely want to use that data in the new Row Access Control specifications. A fairly simple but practical example could be one that determines which companies can be accessed by IBM i User Profile in a multi-company environment (such as PRMS or Financial Portrait Software System).  The only thing you need (to be in position), are relational links between User Profile and company ID (Db2 rows containing pairings of User Profile with authorized company ID).

Another new feature in Db2 involves temporal table support, which provides for SQL access to see table(s) as they existed at any point in the past, including records that have long since been deleted.  Obviously rows that are deleted before the temporal table support is turned on for a given table aren’t available. 

There were 3 other tracks of presentations.  Pete Massiello talked about IBM i admin topics including Virtual i Partitions and key things to know for your IBM i 7.3, 7.2 or 7.1 OS upgrades.  Tim Rowe, an excellent source for information about the latest happenings in the IBM i area, did several sessions, which include good details about the RDi IDE, which has new features added recently to accommodate refactoring. 

Barbara Morris is a very insightful presenter with a lot of insider knowledge.  Omni event organizers were very pleased to be able to have Barbara present several sessions from remote. A special request was a session recapping many of the new RPG Free features that have been brought to fruition since IBM i 7.1 (a big leap forward), and another focused on new support for handling null values in RPG (along with some candid insights) and more. 

Tegratecs Exhibits at WMCPA's annual conference  2017...   (See Details...)   

Tegratecs was there at WMCPA 2017 as a corporate sponsor touting it's latest commercial quality development techniques in the areas of proactive row locking with SQL using IBM's Db2 for i data provider for .NET and MS SQL Server.  The transaction construct provided in c#, VB.NET and other .NET OO languages use a form of committment control across multiple stored procedure calls.  Our technique combines the best of both optimistic and pessimistic row locking techniques.  Check this out as a possible remedy for nondetermistic results in your ERP software runtimes. 

There were over 20 speakers and 50 sessions included with conference attendance, along with a keynote presented by Dr. Stefanie Chiras from IBM.  The snow on the ground made for nice views and an atmosphere of learning.  Upper class hospitality and comfort and value was provided by the Lake Lawn resort. 

WMCPA 2017 spring conference runs March 14-17, 2017...

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