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Real-Life Examples in Modernization for Employee and Internal Customer Applications using newlook

Presentation Synopsis:

This 5 part presentation will recap many of the general interest items we accomplished when modernizing a native iSeries application, including update of the user interface, providing internet access, deploying the PC client software and maintaining the GUI rules on the PC.  Key strategy and methodology decisions will be reviewed, along with the technical details subsequently required.  This presentation will give you ideas you can use when taking on modernization initiatives at your company.

The presentation topics will include:
  1. Providing a rule-based GUI presentation on client PCs; touching upon trade-offs involved with different types of newlook clients, typographical fonts, dynamic generic transformation versus specific, software changes on client side versus server side.
  2. Providing fast, light-weight, secured access to iSeries server via internet with SSL, using Digital Certificate Manager, i5/ OS and an example routing configuration.
  3. Using the browser to deploy the PC client software and separately, to provide GUI rules refresh, with considerations for controlled desktop environments.

We are offering this copyrighted presentation free and without obligation for a limited time with registration to this website (  Without registration, you can view and download the first fifth of this presentation for your own use (our Public Preview* policy).

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