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Business Solutions Spotlight

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G/L and Management Reporting Executive Summary

fps smartclient 10.7 Highlights

Accounts Payable Highlights

Products for Developers

Mobile ASPX - TechCrystals Code Package™

Gain mobile, tablet and theatre views for your ASP.NET Web Forms environments in short order, without a big investment and without requiring a responsive design rework.

Get Running - TechCrystals Code Package™

If you still need to better integrate your Db2 for i database with your webs, and you'd like to use an OO programming language for the code-behind (with a 17 year OO and web framework investment behind it), then this code package is for you!  Great for training or kicking the technology tires too! 
New Add-Ons for the more advanced developer
Please check out these  productivity-boosting options for developers already working with Db2 for i SQL PL or IBM i stored procedures.

Even though we have successfully completed multiple service projects for
over 50 rather large companies in the past,
we are still focused on:

  • accessing both the unique and the common attributes of new clients

  • building upon what your local expert individuals, persons and employees have already achieved

  • increasing productivity or quality or market reach, using business software

  • simply fixing stuff

  • keeping in mind the ROI

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