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Get Running - TechCrystals Code Package™

Taking It to the Next Level with SQL PL and Db2 for i

SQL Prototyping Web UI and Stored Procedure Test Harness
There are two optional add-on components that help boost productivity for developers already working with SQL PL or IBM i stored procedures... 

Gen Db2 for i Stored Procedures and OO Wrapper Source

Add-On 1 is SQL Prototyping Web UI and Stored Procedure Test Harness.  It allows the developer or technical consumer to quickly and dynamically see input and output parameter lists and HTML5 results sets for Db2 for i stored procedures.  It uses library list logic so it contributes to developing identical SQL PL for both testing and production (yea!).  The HTML5 makes for good aesthetics with dynamic sizing and formatting of lengthy column headings and data elements.  Metadata is interpreted real time, so changes made to a parameter list or output result of a stored procedure in a separate session of ACS are detected immediately.  Similarly, it detects changes in the parameter list that have occurred since you first started working with a particular stored procedure.  Dynamic row filtering on top of the result set is also available for prototyping WHERE clause enhancements. 

When you consider the other features within this offering, it makes it a contender as your best development tool for prototyping Db2 for i stored procedures regardless of whether they will be consumed by a .NET programming language in a web, client-server or hybrid environment or by a native IBM i programming language.  The less capable the language or the UI integration, the more this tool makes sense. 

Between the .NET Framework and c#, null is supported as a parameter value in this environment, and our tool lets you indicate a null input parameter via entry of the keyword "*null".  Add-On 1 also features increased modularity in the c# code-behind. 

Add-On 2 is Gen Db2 for i Stored Procedures and OO Wrapper Source.  It allows gen of complete IBM SQL PL stored procedures and c# and SQL PL stubs and snippets.  While you'll still have to compile the stored procedures somewhere (like ACS), Add-On 2 is a true development tool. 

This product goes a long way with helping you to develop your own problem-solving technique, because there are so many examples, stubs and snippets generated with each SQL or stored procedure used as basis input... 

Nicely-formatted SQL column headings with spaces are supported (which requires differences in syntax).  Please see pictures of example output for Add-On 2 in these pages. 

Add-On 2 is also intended to help you with the mundane and repetitive tasks like formulating lengthy column subset lists from JOIN SQL statements, or building or enhancing views, join record formats and stored procedures from inline SQL.  Column attributes are pulled from Db2 metadata.  Duplicate columns formed from blanket SQL select statements are resolved with the same pattern that is used to populate the gridview UI element.  This tool will help you save a lot of whittling with minutia level DDS versus SQL syntax differences, so you can make incremental improvements in your application development that take advantage of the strengths of each of the techniques (without requiring a big leap of faith or investment just to get started at a professional level).   

With your purchase, you'll receive all of the c# code-behind source that does the work behind the scenes.  For Add-On 1, that is to set up and interact with the SQL and stored procedure requests, to output the gridview and to operate the web pages.  For Add-On 2 that is c# to access Db2 for i metadata and to generate / write / output SQL PL in finished and stub form.  Both Add-Ons include all of the XHTML and CSS used in web pages UI. 

Obviously much of the technique you use in working with the Get Running - TechCrystals Code Package™ can be applied to your efforts in developing custom production software or ad-hoc queries for end users at your company.  Similarly there is a good chance our package offers an increased productivity angle (at a good price point) for a variety of developer skill and experience levels.  

Get Running TCP Add-On 1 (optional)
(Ch 9)  (Add-On 1) SQL Prototyping Web UI and Stored Procedure Test Harness

(Chapter 9) (4 examples pictured)
(Add-On 1) SQL Prototyping Web UI and Stored Procedure Test Harness

The Add-On-1 component is generic test harness for IBM SQL PL stored procedures, with soft-coded parameter handling.  The work is done via a single c# .aspx web page, c# code-behind, a couple of classes and the data provider.  The default presentation of Add-On-1 in v2.1 is no longer implemented within a responsive master page so you can expand to get giant width over multiple monitors on the destop based on data at run-time.

Get Running - SP Test Harness with filtering via parameters

Get Running - SP Test Harness showing output parameters

Add-On 1 example, but customized with a user-friendly list of stored procedures
(note: Row Filtering at run time on "Bumblebee" takes results down from 80 rows to 0 rows as no one is named "Bumblebee" at least yet)
Get Running - SP Test Harness customized example

Add-On 1 - 4th example - picture of running stored procedure,  WEBDAPURCHCONFPPCDETROWLISTSS1,  with a lot of  parameters ("*null" keyword entry triggers passing of environment-specific null)
Stored Procedure Test Harness in action with a lot of parameters, some of them null picture from Get Running - TechCrystals Code Package

Didn't find what you were looking for?  Please let us know. 

Get Running TCP Add-On 2 (optional)
(Ch 21) Gen Stored Procedure and c# wrapper base function source templates and stubs based on Db2 for i metadata

Get Running - SP Test Harness with filtering via parameters

Get Running - SP Test Harness showing output parameters

link to GR-TCP2 Example 1 full browser page snapshot PDF

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