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Do you need to make your current ASP.NET / *.aspx web pages mobile friendly – FAST?

Good Design is Good Business

We offer a complete solution – including a licensed code package that you can simply “copy & paste” into your existing c# or VB.NET master pages that will cover over 80% of the task.  Options for desktop, tablet and mobile phone are included, striking a nice balance between device width, pixel scaling and user control.  We think our code package can help you deliver mobile formats on your custom web and intranet web forms fast!

Detailed and organized comparisons of example incompatible HTML5 and the recommended HTML5 or CSS3 alternative are also included to get you to 98% in short order.  Examples include introduction of horizontal scrolling made to wide page elements.

When you just have to hard-code a difference between formats, it can be done.  Examples included.  On the Tegratecs site, on the drop-down menu, we change the font size (and also the direction of expansion) at run time based on the view.  The XHTML is not duplicated.

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