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Mobile ASPX - TechCrystals Code Package

Fast Path to Mobile for your *.aspx web apps

Good Design is Good BusinessWe offer a broadly applicable strategy – without requiring a responsive design rework – that will enable your in-house development staff to get you all of the way to mobile, in likely the most expedient way possible. 

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Watch - Play Promo - Contrasting the 3 Column Layout between Mobile ASPX TCP to the base responsive VS web forms project (2:29)

The Mobile ASPX product  provides for 4 optimized views – mobile, tablet, desktop and theatre, chiefly via HTML5.  By standardizing to just 4 views, all using the same XHTML base (.aspx web forms XHTML), our product helps you strike a consistent balance between device width, pixel scaling and user control and to do it in less time.  For example, the Desktop view allows runtime width adjustment of the content in the device window where as the mobile views do not (enabling the mobile device user with a more consistent zoom instead).  Testing scenarios also become simpler.  

Mobile ASPX includes licensed c# source code methods that developers insert into the code-behind of pre-existing master page(s), such as those oriented towards desktop-sized presentation.  Before mobile browsers, it was generally accepted technique to use a mimimal amount of master pages, taking advantage of the OO flexibility in the code-behind to create just one master page per style.  Mobile ASPX needs just 1 master page per style to help you deliver the 4 views. 

VB.NET source code versions are also available. 

Actually there are 3 project structures provided in the product (for both c# and vb.net).  Each is built upon a different Visual Studio base project standard template starting point.  We provide these to help you get up and running fast.  All of the code and CSS and XHTML included with Mobile ASPX is virtually identical across project structures. 

One more very important point, we think that Mobile ASPX is, in all liklihood, compatible with any responsive design techniques you already have in place.  We demonstrate this in the Project1 template.  Link to details on project templates and their differences...  We are all about compatibility with this product!

We think our code package can help you deliver mobile formats on your custom web and intranet web forms - fast.  For the complete announcement text on Mobile ASPX TechCrystals Code Package, please visit our News and Events page Announcing Mobile ASPX TechCrystals Code Package!

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See our technical presentation offer – Revamping Your Web Pages for Mobile Without CSS3 Media Queries

More Product Information:  Each project has well-organized documentation of the OO source code differences, highlighting net changes from before and after Mobile ASPX has been applied (based on Visual Studio base project templates (3 in all)).  Similar net change documentation is provided for all of the files, CSS and base project .aspx differences.  There are also detailed comparison examples of how incompatible HTML can be enhanced to work in all four views, to perhaps handle upwards of 98%, not including new client-side scripting or rewrites.  When you just have to hard-code a difference between formats, it can be done.  Examples are included for how to do it in the code-behind.  On the Tegratecs site for example, on the drop-down navigation menu, we change the font size (and also the direction of expansion) at run time based on the view (using code-behind) in Project2 and Project3.  The product also includes use of a soft-coded set of methods that increases the <ASP:Button> size and button fonts via a little bit of UI control hierarchy traversal and recursion in the OO code-behind.

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