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License Mobile ASPX - TechCrystals Code Package™

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Each project type within Mobile ASPX includes well-organized documentation of the code, XHTML, script and CSS to add or insert into your project(s).  This is acheived by use of comparison docs that highlight and emphasize the net differences between the Microsoft Visual Studio base project (before) and the Mobile ASPX (after) version.  The docs are html reports output by BeyondCompare4, so there is character by character highlighting of syntax differences and a visual approach, as opposed to having to do a lot of reading.  Similar documentation of the precise differences is provided at the directory and file level. 

There are also detailed comparison examples of how incompatible HTML can be changed to work well in all four views (Project 7).  We consider HTML incompatible if it requires the whole page view to float in order for the user to see all of the information.  With the changes in these examples applied, this will likely handle upwards of 95% of your HTML, not including new client-side scripting or rewrites. 

When there isn't a good way to get one version of HTML5 to handle all four views (and any existing CSS media queries aren't handling it either), you can get it done via code-behind.  Examples are included in the OO code.  For example, several of the projects in Mobile ASPX use a GPL navigation drop-down.  In these projects, the OO code behind changes several properties in these (the HTML classes and styles etc) at run time in a soft-coded manner.  Worthy of mention however, is that the same OO master c# or vb.net code can be used across projects, even projects with different navigation drop-downs, because references to UI elements are soft-coded and check for existence at run time.  Another example of something handled via soft-coded programming (instead of XHTML or CSS  media queries), is in the methods that increase the <ASP:Button> size and button fonts for mobile and tablet views.

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  • The keys that enable immediate download (directly after purchase) are emailed to the PayPal Account holder used with the purchase.

  • If you are logged in to tegratecs.com and your Web User ID has a verified email address that is different, a second set of the keys will be emailed directly to that email address also.

Licensing Terms   (Show Expanded Details...)   
  • Software service providers, education organizations and ISV(s), please contact us.

  • Licensing terms are as follows...  You only need 1 license if you are purchasing for an end-user company and will be using it in production on less than 10 IIS instances (or 40 cores) and having source on fewer than 15 developer workstations.

  • The license time frame is up to 12 years with an annual $25 renewal fee.  The initial term is one year and includes download of all updates and enhancements.  Renewals extend the digital download time frame for a subsequent year and include all updates to this Mobile ASPX including source code version.

  • A single license gives rights for an end-user company to use the object code created from the product as they see fit on the designated Web Servers at the CUSTOMER LOCATIONS(s) defined in the license agreement. 

  • Developers listed in the license agreement and working for the end-user company at the designated CUSTOMER LOCATIONS(s) are allowed to use the product to make derivative works, provided copyright source code is protected from exposure and existing copyright statements are included in copied or derivative code until at such point the new work is over 50% different than the source code provided (basically the standard minimum software copyright guidelines for claiming rights and avoiding copyright infringement).  However, if the license is terminated, all portions of the code not strong enough for their own stand-alone copyright must be removed.

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Mobile ASPX - TechCrystals Code Package™
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Mobile ASPX - TechCrystals Code Package™

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